I really am grateful for this job. I tear up at every wedding. Sometimes I tear up when I edit and make my husband look at these emotion-filled moments I get to capture while I’m editing ! Ask him, he HATES getting off the couch over and over and over after working all day but I make him, he HAS to see them hahaha! I just got off the phone with him (he calls every single break from GEICO, yeah he’s that kind of a sweetie) and among all the to-do things we discussed, I got really excited telling him about my maternity session this Sunday in DC! I just love what I do and I never want to do anything else.

Today Justin & Mary posted a great blog about falling in love with photography and how they didn’t always know they wanted to be a photographer which is refreshing because, neither did I! I FELL IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND FIRST, and falling in love led me to my career that suits me perfectly. I was meant to do this and I’m glad that Mike led me there. I think I should thank him more often, he gave me the two titles in life I was meant to rock…..photographer & mommy.

On those happy notes, I am really trying to get into my groove with this new momma & business running, but it’s hard! For instance, I will swear it up and down I have a perfect child, and I do. She’s perfect because she’s happy, sweet and well- she’s innocent and brand new to this world so when she’s having a rough day I can’t blame her for not getting work done, she’s a BABY! I’m her mother, it’s my job. Today- she has a little bit of an upset tummy so I’ve been answering emails and messages with my speech-to-text feature on my phone, ask Tara Liebeck how NOT fun it is to read those with absolutely NO punctuation, ha! It’s hard, but it’s the job of stay at home mama and business owner. You HAVE to work so hard to find time to balance both, especially with a new baby in the house that NEEDS you, a lot.

I promise you the only time I ‘watch’ tv is with the back of my head and with my ears because I constantly work when she sleeps or when she plays. When I’m not editing & emailing, I’m cleaning the house like a maniac because of my horrible almost OCD need to keep a clean and organized house. I can’t even concentrate on a simple sentence when the house is a mess. Blessing or curse? Probably both. Right now all I know is I’m typing this and learning some Spanish thanks to Dora on tv and I am glad to be a part of the working mommy club, no matter how stressful it is. Thank you to Meghan McSweeney and Valerie Demo for the encouraging words telling me I’d get in my groove soon, I believe you- I’m getting there slowly but surely!

Thanks for reading the ramble. Just a little something I thought I’d post today so people knew I really really DO try to answer all the messages and emails as fast as I can, but I’m only one little lady…and a brand new mama at that. Thank you for everyone being so patient and understanding, I’m so lucky to have people always allow me time to write back when it’s getting hectic around here 🙂 I’ll get into my very speedy groove again, no doubt. I feel it coming on soon 🙂

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