One thing my perfect little angel has taught me is to LET IT GO.

I used to be a highly stressed person. I still am, but about things that deserve a little more okay SERIOUSLY if we don’t pay that bill, the water’s getting shut off kind of things. I used to really dwell and get my feelings hurt though, something we can all relate to. Photographers especially get this feeling; when we first start out it’s just inevitable. I was lucky though, I kind of got past that stage of being too hard on myself and realized okay, I’m working as hard as I can and if I love my work…nothing else should matter. That’s when I got BETTER. I seriously improved when my morale did! And what made me realize that things just aren’t worth dwelling over is my daughter’s mere presence in my life.

The day she was born, I changed. In a good way, and I’m still my old self…but I don’t understand how people can’t have that child come into their life and drop all of the unnecessary drama that occupied their life before! I knew I was dedicated to being a wonderful mother from then on out which meant doing WHATEVER I could to keep my child happy, my husband happy (because he needs to take care of us ladies!) and MYSELF happy and fulfilled. If you’re not happy and treating yourself right, you can’t possibly being doing your child any favors because even those teeny tiny little humans can sense things you wouldn’t believe. Treating yourself right means……….LETTING IT GO. Stop dwelling, stop creating problems that aren’t there! For me this meant getting a schedule together to avoid stress with business & mommyhood colliding, eating healthier and letting people go that weren’t the kind of people I want my family around. I literally ran the other way  from all of these issues and it’s because I’m determined to be an incredible mother, business owner, wife and live every day to it’s fullest with no hint of regret or dwelling. Nothing else matters but doing what makes you and your family happy and when you’ve got a sweet little cupcake like mine, you can’t possibly look at the world with anything but pure joy!


This girl is the reason the sun shines every-single-day in our life!


The next life throws you something or someone to pull you down:


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