No literally! Bringing my daughter on shoots. I don’t typically do it, but if it’s for a friend/particular client and I know Cammy can tolerate the situation then yes, I’ll bring her! She’s an angel. She literally is amazing and knows how much her mommy loves and appreciates her and she pays it right back to me. Sometimes she gets a little wild but it’s because she needs something, which you can’t blame her for! This week has been FULL of ‘ma-ma ma-ma ma-ma’ and grabbing both of my cheeks, squeezing my face and planting a huge open mouthed wet one right on mama’s face. This has earned her the nickname baby whale, because when that yapper comes at me I feel like a tiny little krill trying to swim away…but really I love it <3 I live for this child.

Thank you to my sweet friend & partner in business and crime Tara Liebeck Photography for the image of Cammy and I on the job together! 🙂


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