So, I really network with amazing women. I’ll tell you that all the time because they are essentially what has pushed, inspired and kept me in the right direction with this journey called business building. They are the kinds of photographers who give all of their info, secrets, tips, share location information and aren’t afraid of people who are their ‘competition’…because that is 100% all a matter of perspective! We are colleagues and partners and second shooters for each other. We refer each other and want to share the love and the wealth and watch each other grow like proud mamas, haha!

Lots of these kind of women have helped me along my little photography path but two have been in my spotlight shining on since I first began. Tara Liebeck who is such a joy to partner up with and have in my life, and the oh-so-lovely Alicia White who this post is about.

Alicia challenges herself to wear her heart on her sleeve in her photography and in her blogging. She’s SUCH a brave girl and she has NO idea! Her love of photography is apparent the second you bring it up. She’s all about it & definitely ended up where she was supposed to be in her life when that camera first entered her hand. Recently Alicia posted about her sister. I want you to visit the blog post and read it, and I don’t want to give too much away…but her sister is undergoing brain surgery soon. These images touched my heart; such a carefree and happy, strong woman smiling through such a scary time and beautifully captured by Alicia.

Photography is SO important. These images will always be the ones that her sister took before an incredibly scary and big ordeal and she can look back and smile and be so proud of herself for being this tough.

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