This morning I woke up TWICE.

The first time at 5:30 am because Cammy wanted to talk to me about things & stuff & stuff & things, so I listened. Then we all fell back asleep and I woke up at 8 with a note under my pillow. Don’t ask me how Mike got that by me because I don’t heavy sleep anymore, I am forever in protective not-quite-deep-sleep mommy mode, at least until she’s 18 and moves out, ha!

I will be honest. I ALWAYS am honest when people ask about Mike and my marriage because I usually am positive and upbeat and people think it’s a perfect marriage (unless you can agree that imperfection is perfection). We have never had a HUGE fight, he’s never-ever-ever even come close to laying a hand on me, we have no secrets from each other from the day we MET & fell in love, but wooooooo have we been arguing since this baby came. We knew it would happen, but not as badly as it has been. Our BIG issue comes down to me basically being Type A and him being Type B. So, I guess it’s mainly my fault.

Lots of pregnant women ‘nest’ before their baby comes. This involves excessive cleaning, organizing, folding then unfolding then refolding and then repeating the crazy process. Well, I have ALWAYS been like this, regardless of baby, so when Cammy was on the way it was in high gear. Mike however, well…how do I put it gently. He can literally walk by the same pile of trash 200 times and never bother to pick it up. The dishes can be sky high, the laundry can be cleaned and then piled up so HIGH that it goes from clean to dirty again by falling all over the FLOOR flowing out of the baskets, to where we need to wash them again. He has never consciously – EVER- since we have been together for over four years walked into a room and decided to clean it. WHEWWWWW! Hard to even type that without holding my breath, it makes me SO mad! But you know what? However you look at it: lazy? laid back? unaware? … He’s a GREAT GUY and if he needs a push to get things done and that’s the worse problem we have, then I need to count my blessings.

It’s hard when the baby comes to do all of the cleaning & maintaining of the house I did on top of taking care of her and running my business from home, so when she came I guess I all of a sudden was NOT okay with this personality trait of his. I should have known better! I would have come up with a game plan to organize who did what chores during the week to keep my sanity, but I didn’t so we’re still working on it. Besides all of this, we have a loving, compassionate & playful marriage and adore one another and it’s notes like this and the flowers he gets me monthly that remind me to calm down, be nice, and remember..things could be WAY worse. Even our worse arguments aren’t over anything terrible, and I’ve never felt scared of him or worried he may leave me. We have recently promised to each other to aim to be more productive and communicate better about the small stuff like housework so that the important things, our life together as three, can be less stressful, more fun & enjoyable. I look at this happy incredibly beautiful daughter of ours and I see our happiness, purity & love in her.

She is an amazing reflection of her parent’s love for each other, life & her 🙂

Eating mommy’s face, per usual.

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  1. Oh Amanda, your candor, honesty and genuineness are inspiring and a breath of fresh air. You are amazing! Love this and I love how many people are going to be able to relate to you and feel a little more ‘normal’ because of it. Keep it up sister!

  2. Amanda- Sweetest story ever. Brought tears to my eyes. My fiancé and I are the same way- never have big arguments and the worst is over who cleans what around the house! What a wonderful thing it is to not have to worry about things that could be way worse. Thanks for putting it into perspective. Sometimes that’s needed!! 🙂

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