I have to seriously thank you all for the messages & emails I received about the first installment of ‘The Truth About Our Marriage’ post from last week. SEE!??! We are not alone! It’s SO hard when you first have a baby to balance everything, which inevitably leads to not getting along in some form or another. This does not make you a bad couple. This is NOT make you a miserable couple. It just means, you need to get your, for lack of a better term, crap together and realize it’s GOING to be like this for a few months until you get into your groove.

One person wrote me and said “Oh your blog…made me feel sooo much better about my life!” and went on to say “I think many households have this same type of issue! It is funny that no one really talks about how much a marriage is affected by the birth of a baby! Just know that you are not alone…and I totally agree that challenges come with amazing lives! If it was all easy it would not be worth living right?

Bingo girlfriend! It’s going to be hard,Ā  it is. Everyone that was throwing the more negative advice at me before Cammy was born was all on the side of the baby. “The baby will cry so much, the baby needs so much attention, the baby won’t sleep…etc etc etc” (Duh, babies Do that!) But I don’t really remember anyone saying, okay..if you’ve been picking up after your husband for the past four years, tell him to learn how to do housework NOW because you’ll be needing that, haha! Now I LOVE my husband and in no way shape or form is this demeaning towards him. I am one of fifty people I could call right now who would agree. This is a common issue! It’s not me insulting my husband. He IS a lazy bum, ask me! Ask my sister! Ask HIM! šŸ™‚ He’s getting better though but only since that sense of urgency to clean arrived once the baby came.

I even left him a note (pictured below) this weekend when I went to shoot a wedding that reminded him to check her diaper..not because he’s an idiot…but because he’s a new dad and sometimes he will forget to check it when she’s fussing and he just keeps trying to calm her down. It’s easy to slip the mind, I DO IT TOO, everyone does. Then ten minutes into trying to get her to stop crying…oh geez, she has a wet diaper. No wonder. No gold star for mommy on that one! Also? I said dishes done & trash out before video games. Because I’m a jerk? NO. Because I WORK FULL TIME as a mom AND a business owner. OH—- and I’m nursing. Nursing is 100% another job in it’s own way, at least a part time job. You have to eat more, drink more & pump, and stop to feed for longer. Five months in and I’m not giving up til month 12 unless I have a VERY good reason. I got sick last weekend by myself while Mike was away at a wedding, got really dehydrated, and had a hard time getting enough stored for the wedding weekend but guess what? I did it, because there is no alternative right now and mama made things happen! (And YES, eating and drinking more are hard and tiring when I have to stop and prepare food when there is editing and blogging to be done!) No one gets it unless they’re in these shoes.

The outpouring was awesome and I appreciate it! I DO love him soooooo much…beyond words, and seeing what a great dad he is and husband to me will never get old. Watching him make our precious Cammy Mae laugh, give her baths, putting the detangler in perfectly and combing her hair at night, it ALL makes me melt. After five months, we are slowly getting back to where we were but we’re still newlyweds in our hearts and now new parents. It’s not easy but between the two of us, we have it handled and are ready to cease some of the bickering and enjoy watching our baby grow šŸ™‚ Thank you again everyone, Happy Monday! šŸ™‚

Cammy when I came home from shooting wedding:

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  1. I LOVE IT!! I have to leave my husband fully detailed notes/instructions…Jovie is our 3rd…so you would think that I would not think twice about him taking her to the mall..NOPE!! I called 50 times to make sure he he took her out of the car, put her in the stroller, had her blanket, bottle…then would call back to make sure he still had her and did not leave her in Game Stop!! HAHA! šŸ™‚ As moms, we can not help but worry about our babies…even if they are with the 2nd best person to us, their daddy šŸ™‚

  2. We just started doing this in August – splitting the chores, I mean. I’m super Type A, and so I had been doing everything since we moved in together 1) because it’s done RIGHT and I’m less of a tyrant that way and 2) Matt was working full-time AND going to school full-time for his SECOND Bachelors. But after we got married, I started my business in addition to my full-time day job, and Matt finished school… he was just chilling, playing video games, etc., in his new spare time. I let that happen for a bit because he hadn’t had ANY free time for so long, but then when I realized that I was going to lose my mind and that I was snapping at this sweet man for issues to which he was completely oblivious, things had to change. So when we moved into our new home, we each got chore lists that play to our strengths – Matt gets the “general” cleaning (like taking out the trash, loading the dishwasher, putting the laundry away, etc.) and I get the “detail” cleaning (like the bathrooms, washing and drying the laundry, anything that requires organization, etc.) It’s made everything so much more manageable and we’re back to our newlywed selves; we both love it! So I’m glad that I read your post last week, because I feel like we got some of the – for lack of a better word – training out of the way and will have one less crazy thing to get down pat if/when we have a baby! I think you’re both great parents – Cammy looks soooo happy a llll the time – and it’s awesome that you are so aware of your relationship and open about it. THAT’S what Cammy will learn about love – what she sees with you guys. šŸ™‚ <3

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