Two days before she’s 5 months, she sits up by herself
Then she starts eating cereal
Then she needs a real booster seat/high chair situation
Then she takes the freaking spoon, and feeds herself messily
Then she starts showing all kinds of affection in a very aware sense
Then she can’t fit in her whale tub anymore & has to sit up like a big girl in the bath
Then her first tooth comes in

CAN YOU STOP? This is TOO much for Mommy too fast! Okay, I am proud of you Camryn but whew has it been hard. I drove the entire way to shoot a rehearsal dinner the other night and cried because she’s just growing up SO fast and I didn’t want to leave her because she’s going through a big mommy-attachment phase. Since half of the world I know likes to make sure I know that they won’t be little for long (thanks a lot for the unnecessary added stress! New mommies KNOW they won’t be little for long, stop ruining it!) I really really reallyyyyy have a hard time leaving her now. I cherish every moment with her and always have.

I have a lot to edit so I am keeping this short & sweet, but here is her second bath all by herself being SUCH a big girl. By the way, my husband is an awesome photographer= he took this 🙂 Always so sharp, that’s my guy! <3



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  1. My daughter will be 2 in June.. and sometimes it’s hard to remember when she was so small. I always just smiled at people who told me to “Enjoy it because they aren’t little for long.” Every month and stage brought something even better along. When they can run up and give you a hug and a kiss and say “luuuvvv you.” You really get to experience being a kid again. Seeing new things for the first time and how they are simply amazed. Ahhh your heart melts even more. Camryn is beautiful. Since I already know you are enjoying every minute… just know as she grows it will just keep getting better!

      1. She looks like a little Kewpie doll…wonderful picture! 🙂 Not to mention she could stand in for the Gerber baby! 😉

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