Recently I was lucky to stumble across a blog post that helped me a lot, thanks Jen + Ashley Photography. It was about not saying sorry so much, and a LOT of us do it! I say sorry when I don’t get the door for someone when I have a diaper bag, three shopping bags and a baby on my hip. I say sorry when someone ELSE does something worth apologizing for. I say sorry ALL THE TIME. Wow, why!? My little sister said sorry to a lady at Moe’s a couple months ago for no reason, and I got mad because the lady of course rudely and impatiently expected my sister to go 100 miles an hour getting her napkins, salsa, etc. Oh the impatience these days.

Why do we apologize so much? We have to stop. It’s almost as if, if we DON’T apologize we think people won’t understand our good intentions and level of kindness and respect. You know why? People read into things…WAY TOO MUCH. I blame this on lots of things, but especially the fact that nowadays, our main way to communicate is READING words (texting instead of calling, Facebooking instead of hanging out) so we have to overly stress our genuine nature. Let’s stop. It’s draining! I would like to introduce my first thing I will stop apologizing for now.

I will not, ever, apologize for how much I love my daughter. I will not be ‘sorry’ that I posted too many pictures of her in a day. If you don’t like it? I don’t really like the hearts of people who are baby offended. If politically enthusiastic people can post about the left and the right side all day long, religious people can throw out lots of talk about Jesus, cat lovers posting cat pictures, dog loves posting dog pictures..etc..I can post pictures of the thing in my life that means the most..the representation of the love between my husband and I and the amazing little girl she grows up to be every day.

Your Facebook page is yours. It’s not your friends, or anyone else’s. The reason this comes up today on the blog is because someone recently texted me and told me that one of their close friends told them they had to block them from their newsfeed because they post too many pictures of their child. The scary part?! That person is a mother. YIKES! I have made some incredible mama friends and I am so thrilled to see their babies grow. We’re lucky we get to share that together and help each other through the hard times, like last night in the ER after Cammy threw up 8 times in a row! I had someone message me SUCH helpful advice after I posted it, and I am grateful for that.

I love seeing people’s cats, dogs, weddings, pregnancies, EVERYTHING! I won’t ever be mad at someone for posting who they are and what makes them happy. So now, I stop apologizing for being baby obsessed. Wanting to talk about and spend tons of time with your baby is what’s normal as a loving parent! And if you’re the opposite, well, that’s your thing. I can’t say I relate 🙂 I’m proud to have a mommy’s girl that I spend all of my time with and she is the center of our world! So keep posting those cute pictures & videos of your kitty cats, puppies, boyfriend, fiance, new house, new job, career you love- whatever you want, and DON’T apologize for it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Okay and below, here are some things I DO need to apologize for. This is ridiculous lol.

Why do we still have a snowman doormat at our front door? That’s bad. I need to get to Bed, Bath & Beyond with my 20% off coupon and get a cute flip flop or beachy one, STAT.



So, I haven’t updated the dry erase board on our fridge since before Cammy was born, it may help Mikey and I communicate better because that needs some work when it comes to scheduling things lolol!



I apologize. TO MYSELF. Why isn’t there wine in the wine rack, but there are baby devices & baby snacks? Okay that is just NOT fair!Image

Ohhhhhh…and just cause she’s cute, my little precious lady just hanging out with mama on a cloudy day in the house <3 Image

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  1. nice post Amanda! All I ever post is pics of my doggies…..haha! And I make no apologies for that. We were just talking here at work about how women apologize for everything. You’re right, enough is enough!! have a wonderful day……

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