Okay, this is pretty hilarious:


No really! Why did we drag her to the zoo? Haha- we really thought she’d like it. She’s soooo inquisitive, she’s always been a little starer and will watch everything and want to be involved or learn about it right away..my smart little gal! We went to the zoo yesterday for Father’s Day and guess what she loved?

More than anything?


Canadian geese. Couldn’t get enough of them. Mike and I joked we basically could have pulled on the side of the road anywhere and found them walking around for her to see, instead of spending the $20 for the zoo but honestly we had the best time trying to get her to pay attention, and of course, getting her to pick her own stuffed animals out at the gift shop 🙂


Anyone with a baby who lights up their world knows though, that this is the stuff parenthood is made of. We’d much rather do this kind of fun stuff as a family than anything else 🙂 We’re the three musketeers and best friends!

On an end note, we made Daddy this sappy Father’s Day video. He cried (that was the point!) and I’m glad I found time in our insane schedule to do it! It didn’t take as long as I thought, I think I may make this a permanent gift idea for family! 🙂


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  1. Extremely touching! I can only hope that I’ll catch such adorable and cherishing moments with my children one day. Amanda, this brings tears to my eyes to see how wonderfully happy you, Mike, and Cammy all are. You make the perfect family. 🙂

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