I heard a lot of wacky things when I was pregnant. Really weird, silly, unsolicited advice. Most of the advice I heard was either wrong or didn’t apply to me, so it was really overwhelming having people say “Oh, when you’re 20 weeks, this is going to happen.” Really? Hold on, are you me? Are we twins? What’s going on here, how can you predict such amazing things, lol!?

ONE thing that doesn’t seem negative that sticks out in my mind the most now…is a general phrase that people say…and they mean well…but it is the one thing I can’t stand, and I hear it almost daily- especially from strangers.


“It goes by so fast. Cherish it.”
“They grow up SO fast, appreciate every minute”
“Oh she’s going to be doing this/that in no time”
“You’ll blink and she’ll be walking (<insert any milestone here)”

TRUST ME………. I KNOW! We ALL know! Babies grow up fast- E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E KNOWS.

Here’s the reason I won’t say this to anyone. Everyone is different so you have to keep your advice upbeat, positive and if you remember pregnancy at all like you claim, you know their are endless emotions and hormones that can explode at any given minute.

The week Camryn was born, the ‘baby blues’ hit. They’re NORMAL but of everything people told me..no one told me about them! I didn’t even read about them anywhere. They were soooooo vicious. I literally stared at her and balled my eyes out for several weeks, scaring my husband to death but it’s apparently normal. But then, mine kept going and I was doing it well into her third month, fourth month, etc. All I could think about was “they grow up so fast” that everyone constantly feel like they needed to tell me. I KNOW. Everyone saying “cherish it” like I wasn’t going to unless they informed me that I need to cherish it and that babies grow up fast. FINALLY I snapped out of it and I realized..wait! No, I DO cherish it. I DO appreciate every minute. I nap with her all of the time, even when work needs to be done. I take video and pictures daily. I spend every possible minute with her within reason and I DO cherish it! I am ‘taking it all in’ like everyone advised me to do.

I have nothing to feel bad about when she hits 3 milestones in a week because I DO spend tons of my time being with her and watching her grow. (We’ve been on two dates since she was born…she’s 7 months..you do the math…we are obsessed with her!)

I always word “they grow so fast, appreciate it/cherish it” as gently as possible. I don’t want to tell a woman about to pop that she better pay attention because she’s going to wake up and her baby will be a year old. It may feel like that, but some of us DO take it all in every single day! I know I’m still going to hear it. It’s one of those things that goes in one in ear and out the other, I just smile and nod 🙂

Be nice to your neighborhood new mom or preggers 🙂 That was you once! Happy Thursday! 🙂



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