This one is overdue! Way, way overdue. I’ve wanted to do this for such a long time but I always feel an uncontrollable pull towards social media & staying “connected” with everyone. We don’t even know what’s going on with our own families nowadays unless we sign on to Facebook, it makes me so sad. This is meant to change that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am so unbelievably grateful for Facebook because it was the free marketing tool that launched my business. I am honored to have been able to do what I love and support my family because of the marketing ability to get my work out there to friends, friends of friends, and their friends. THOSE are the clients I want. I hope the day that I have to list my services in any kind of directory is years down the road. I live for word-of-mouth marketing, those are the kind of clients I love.

But Facebook, as much as you bring me laughs with e-cards, silly pictures and hilarious witty banter…it’s time that we part for a while. The following is in no way some attempt to flatter myself, but it’s the truth. I have begun to feel SO overwhelmed and totally obligated to answer each and every single message, comment, etc because when I don’t, people have taken offense. Sometimes, I DON’T SEE IT. Sometimes, I see it, and Cammy yells for me so I forget. Sometimes, I don’t have the time to sit and write back where I got a certain shirt or house accessory because it actually does take important time out of my day that I need for my family and business. My clients deserve to have their images back to them ASAP instead of me spending time writing back to so many comments & messages. I know I have 12 weeks for a reason and I have every right to take it, but I don’t like to. I REALLY don’t like to take more than 4 ever, and I’m at the 4 mark with some right now.
Most of all, I am finding myself spending a ridiculous amount of time answering & writing back when I should be:

reading a book
playing with Cammy
talking to Mikey about his day
cleaning up the house
sitting on my new porch and watching the water
cleaning my car out
laundry- which I ENJOY when I’m not rushed lol!
cooking new foods (poor Mike)
EATING! I have lost five MORE lbs..this is ridiculous!
scrapbooking Cammy’s life from birth til now
organizing my paperwork & desk

*living my life free of pleasing everyone else*

I am still going be utilizing my business page and instagrammin’ like a pro because yes you can order prints of those, and stickers, and it’s such a quick & easy way to document moments I don’t have time to grab my camera for of Cammy’s hilariousness. I just need a break and to stay focused on the real world so that I can start appreciating this new home, my family and my life instead of adding MORE responsibility to our already-packed schedules.

This includes taking off the ability for wall-writing, etc…which I’m still debating on, we’ll see! (oh so many settings decision to make, see? even added drama there, lol!)

If anyone needs to get in touch with me, or you’re a friend I talk to on Facebook a lot and don’t have my number, please email me! 🙂

Until then my pals, see you on my business page with current work & posts and enjoy the instagrams 🙂

(thank you gorgeous Tara Liebeck Photography for our family photos)



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