We never do anything like this. EVER. Especially since Camryn’s been in our lives, we never have left her overnight and did we want to honestly? No! Not at ALL! We don’t “need breaks” from our daughter……she is the light of our lives…and we always want her around…but I kept having the same recurring dream over and over and over where we were in New York exploring and taking in the big beautiful lights, buildings and noise.

So one day, I woke up and starting booking a hotel and wanted to use it as an anniversary gift! My husband is from a small town and has never been anywhere very fun like this and he was desperate to go. I’ve been before but it was over 10 years ago and I don’t remember too much of it, so we just had to do this. I was SO relieved when my sister and her fiance asked to come along..YES PLEASE..cause the China Bus sounds so scary but it’s the cheapest way to go and we’re only going one night so it’s practical…right!? Well, I will say it was very interesting. A man with a cooler sitting in the seat in front of us on the way up had his seat all the way back on top of me and thank goodness we made a stop and moved seats, because that was really weird. Then the same guy starts an argument with several people on the bus just for the heck of it and makes everyone creeped out and uneasy..but thank goodness that passes and we all go to sleep on the way up there.

NOT ME THOUGH! Oh my gosh, I woke up in Fredericksburg (mind you, we departed from Richmond..so that’s ONE hour right there) then again in Manasses…stayed up through DC so see the memorials and monument lit up at night (GORGEOUS!) and then fell back asleep in Maryland. Woke up again in…I don’t know where..I couldn’t see signs! We departed Richmond at 12:45 AM!!!!! Woke up again in Jersey and we stopped at a rest area right outside of the bridge to New York. The sun was finally out and the forecast had said rain ALL weekend, but we saw no rain πŸ™‚ We lucked out!

I don’t know what else to say but people were about 100000000000000 times nicer than I’m used to in Virginia Beach. You’d think in the South it’s all about holding the doors, etc…but I get the door closed on me WITH my child in my arms daily in Virginia Beach at stores, the post office, etc and people really think they’re in a rush HERE? Oh no, they couldn’t handle it up there! What a BEAUTIFUL melting pot of culture, fashion, lack of political crap everywhere and open sexuality…I was in heaven. It was a place where everyone was just doing their own thing, respectful of the rights of others. So nice, so classy!

We had the best time, and if you ever want a quick weekend getaway there..this is how ours went. We LOVED it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

12:45am (BE EARLY! Be so so early to the China Bus! And don’t forget to check in so you get seat numbers!) Depart from Richmond

  • Around 7:30am- Arrive in Chinatown, walked to Soho and had an awesome, cheap, delicious breakfast!
  • Walked towards our hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) that was just blocks from Times Square
  • Shopped around, got pizza (I still haven’t had pizza in VB because I KNOW I won’t like it just yet. I’m still stuck on perfect NYC pizza!)
  • SAW-TIMES-SQUARE…my favorite! Gorgeous lights and billboards and tacky tourists like me, everywhere!
  • Around the corner was an Irish pub…we had some beers at the empty bar (yes empty! we never waited to sit or eat anywhere because there are SO many places to choose from!)
  • Checked into hotel which was great and a great size considering everyone always says rooms are too small, what do you expect in New York?!
  • Showered the hot mess of the China Bus away, got dressed up and walked back around the block and had a nice dinner, drinks, came back to the hotel..went back out and went to the beautiful Times Square at NIGHT, went to Toys & Babies R Us (duh, I had to!) and shopped at Aeropostle.
  • Went to a Sushi bar around the corner where the VERY intoxicated but incredibly nice and funny bartender didn’t treat us like tourists, but friends and bought us shots!
  • Walked around and got a pretzel from a vendor (a must at some point!) and enjoyed the rest of the night walking around and talking about………….CAMRYN, OF COURSE πŸ™‚
  • Woke up the next day & got breakfast at Starbucks where the bagels are SO much better than here! Makes me sad!
  • Sat in one of the little sitting areas between streets which we LOVE, because they have shade with pretty trees and other flowers and greenery
  • Checked out of hotel, got a taxi back towards SoHo & Chinatown
  • When I say got a taxi, I mean rode basically in a rollercoaster and I’ll be totally satisfied if we don’t make it to Busch Gardens and ride this year…I got THREE taxi rides…same thing, lol!
  • Ate an amazing Margherita pizza at Lombardis, waited for the two hours late China Bus…and then had another interesting ride back…best part was coming home to our sweet little lady! πŸ™‚

The whole experience was worth it. We missed Cammy but we needed to see another town and have a small amount of time to ourselves to just talk and destress a little. We can’t wait to go again! One day soon, we hope! πŸ™‚


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  1. girl, bagels at starbucks in NYC?!!!!! r u crazy?????? lol jk, jk if you thought that was good, u haven’t had anything yet… next time duck into a corner deli and get one from there. Starbucks can’t hold a candle to those bad boys.

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