Here we are again— 2 weeks after her 8 month bday and ready for another installment of the White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project. I get up this morning thinking okay, I gotta make sure I can even find these things because we’re living in a different house from the last time I shot these!

So I’ve got a naked baby on hip for 20 minutes this morning looking everywhere…for that WHITE SWEATER. It’s gone! I have NO clue where it is! The good thing? I have a white sweater dress, so maybe that’ll just have to replace it from now on. Regardless, Cammyswag rocks it as usual <3 What a princess.

We have now begun to share hair accessories from using the same brushes (baby brushes aren’t tough enough for her!) the same detangler, ponytails, barrettes and clips and now mini claws! She is wearing them to keep her bangs back and she looks so adorable with all of these! (See cell phone photo below!)


Want to see how she woke up this morning? She looks so serious in her pictures..but don’t be fooled. She and I make the same ‘mad face’ in the sun outside because we have sensitive blue eyes and have to squint a lot. This is morning Cammy:


Maybe it’s crazy but I love taking pictures of every single life moment. We look back on them ALL the time and smile, cry, reminisce. She was born yesterday, right?! It feels like that. I can’t believe how much time flies and I’m so glad people have stopped telling me that because trust me..I’ve known since the day I was pregnant! They do grow so fast and I cherish it all. Every second. I do wish I was better about having pictures taken of she and Mike and I together more but I work SO much and so does he, so we’re trying to get better. Good thing we have Tara Liebeck Photography to capture those moments for us šŸ™‚

Enough blabbing— here’s the EIGHT MONTH installment! But first, all of the ones before leading up to it..starting with month TWO!







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