I am finding out more and more and more that things I SWEAR I feel alone about every day are actually felt, experienced and stressed about by so many others. There are more people than you think in your shoes.

The messages I get, the emails, the support, the empathy and understanding have been incredible. I like bringing these things to attention because for every blog I write, there is SOMEONE helped. One of the most popular was the one about my husband being a big lazy bum and not helping me around the house or with the baby enough. Did someone get offended about that? Yes! Do I care? No! You know why? It’s the TRUTH! My sister lived with Mike too and anyone who knows this man knows he [was] a lazy, step over trash instead of picking it up, I’ll brush my teeth in the morning, oops I’ll mow the lawn now that we have a city citation kind of guy. And I know him, so I know this. Has he changed ten fold since? YES! He has. It was ultimatum time! I gave him quite a few. Things are wonderful now, we have a great balance and I’m still able to nurse, stay home with baby and run my business although we just had to find additional help with babysitting, so on Tuesdays she will be spending the day with another photog and her family- that way I can be more consistent with editing!

If you think you’re alone in all of the baby problem, marriage problem or life problem universe…you’re not. My latest woe I wanted to share is the constant “your baby should be doing THIS by now” phenomenon that has swept the parenting world and been nothing but an annoying pain in the backside.

Who CARES if your child isn’t sitting up first, walking first, eating solid foods first, etc? Raising a child is NOT a competition. Cammy was doing all of these things ‘early’ and although we were proud of her, we never once said to someone else “your kid should be doing that by now.” Someone recently was talking to me about how their premature baby wasn’t sitting up around the same time that full term babies were and how everyone was giving her grief..and advice! “Do you do tummy time? Do you do this? Do you do that blah blah blah?!?!?!” It all sounds like unwarranted and uninvited pressure that a mommy doesn’t need. As a fellow mother or father, just try to be sensitive. YOUR next baby may not move at a rapid pace or be able to do amazing things so quickly, but if that’s what you’re wrapped up in, you’re missing out on what truly matters. Every day with them is amazing and the TINIEST little accomplishments and milestones are huge, huge feats that should be celebrated! 🙂 I love the supportive friends that Cammy and I have made, she has about 5+ awesome boyfriends and some girlfriends to hang with, too. We are lucky to be able to go through this journey with them! Find good ones to surround yourself with! 🙂

Look at this pic below, she be craaaaaazy! 😉





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