Okay you two- you’re in love, I GET IT! All kinds of love, passionate love, puppy love, play and have a good time even on a very dark and cloudy day love. You’re showing the world what it’s like to be best friends on the way to getting married. I am lucky to know you!

Anna is like the BEST person to email with. A lot of my clients present their personalities in their emails and I LOVE it. That’s how I am! Lots of !!!!!!!! and <3 <3 <3 and 🙂 🙂 :)…I want to make sure they know how excited I am! She is no exception, she always makes me feel so happy with the way she comes across in her emails 🙂

I will forever have the memory of us meeting at Panera on a Saturday morning, right before Cammy started cutting those teeth and was in a wild mood- she took my straw out of my mango smoothie and waved it everywhere as we stood and waited for the food to come up. EVERYWHERE. I was so embarrassed, but I am glad that I will always have that memory of Anna going uh ok..let me go get you some napkins. HAHA! I can’t wait until their 2013 wedding!!!!!! 🙂





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Hey there! We're a husband and wife team who has the honor to document inspiring wedding days for the most cheerful couples around. We have three daughters lovingly referred to as the mermaid mafia and we love nothing more than salty beach days, laughing as much as possible and living the simple, good life.

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