This is such a tough subject for so many. I know I had 100% assumed I’d be at least 5-10 lbs permanently heavier after having my baby (and each baby after that!), because that’s what I’d always assumed happened! It does for lots and lots of women and it’s OKAY! You made another human life, I think you’re entitled to have a little extra weight on you, stretchmarks, the whole deal! Who cares anyway…you now have this gorgeous life you have created and promised to protect forever and ever. Priorities-have-changed (or they should at least!).

I don’t take it for granted for ONE second that I lost my baby weight in a short amount of time, and I’m even 15 lbs now UNDER my pre-pregnancy weight! How did this happen? I’ve always been a little insecure about being short and thicker because I just always felt like it didn’t look right on me. My frame is very medium sized for my height. I always knew lots of girls like me that were around 5″0 tall that had TINY frames and always weighed 100 lbs. Oh, and they ate WHATEVER they wanted. Now I’m a little below 110 and I can’t IMAGINE weighing any less! I don’t want to. I like having curves, and my husband loves it, too!

Nursing is without a doubt the primary reason for my weight loss. I had to nurse SO much to get my supply up. There were 2-3 times where I almost stopped producing. One time I stopped for half of an entire day. I couldn’t make anything, I was freaking out. It was right around the time that a lot of my friends told me they had stopped unexpectedly, too– so I was devastated. I literally just chugged water, took vitamins and Fenugreek and pumped every 30 min and by some miracle from somewhere started it back up again! This happened more than once. Thank goodness we had a little in the freezer just in case, it was scary!

Besides the nursing (still going on and we’re almost 9 months! YAY!) helping to aid the weight loss, I am a vegetarian and I know this has helped immensely. The summer I started, I lost 10 permanent pounds that never crept back. It was hard at first but it’s been 3 1/2 years and we (my husband, too!) wouldn’t trade our decision for the world!

Okay so the other reason I think I’ve lost weight- which ISN’T one I recommend, is burning myself out. I work all the time both on shoots, at weddings and TONS of stressful late nights trying to play catch up. I work on blog posts, editing but mostly……..MOSTLY I spend my time (yes, it takes even more time than all of my editing put together!) is on correspondence. Between the Facebook double inbox situation (a personal AND business one) and my email inbox, some days it’s just so hard to tackle. I hope I never judged anyone and their time management before I had a baby, because I had NO right to! Running a business from your home and taking care of your baby can be near impossible 90% of the time!

Usually I never choose to sustain myself & take much needed breaks but rather answer emails and edit because of self-inflicted pressure and occasionally some outside pressure, too. It’s a HORRIBLE habit that I’ve gotten so used to because I haven’t used any permanent daycare yet, and I have to panic and take *all* of my spare time to work. I am so busy on the weekends with weddings, shoots and doing family things that I can’t really catch up then either, which would be ideal because that’s when I have Mikey home to hang with Cammy.

I have started to find a couple of people to watch the baby for me at their homes a few times a week and I am SO grateful for their help! This will allow me to have a better workflow with a MUCH better turnaround time. Also, I’ll get to eat more hahah! It sounds dramatic but any busy mommy totally understands where I’m coming from. If I didn’t have a job to work from home, I’d be able to do a little more in the area of cleaning and taking care of myself but I have to put my clients up at the top of my list! They deserve it!

For more information and I’m sure a healthier method of weight loss and breastfeeding, this is a great source I found via Facebook. I love her posts, very inspirational!

Can you guess which is my current staple to get through the day? I wish it was the fruit, lol! I’ve become surprisingly addicted to coffee lately. My body is draggggggggggging.

The evil eye I get from Miss Teething herself when I put her down for ONE second to get something to eat or drink. She’s a total bully, but a cute one!


I really can’t begin to care that this isn’t totally in focus, she is so gorgeous. Worth every single second of stress, sleep deprivation and nursing trials and tribulations.
So of course I’ll let her chew on a lens cap to a $1500 lens.




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  1. Lens caps can be replaced easier then lenses themselves! As long as she is happy, then why NOT! And you should NOT feel bad for losing your weight and then some! Its SO hard to keep it off. I know when i finally got past the weight have been for years. I was thrilled!! Keep up the good work girly!!

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