We are ALL GUILTY OF IT! Even the most angelic sweet and innocent of people have judged or belittled (if not to their face, then quietly to themselves) someone for SOMETHING at some point. I am not claiming innocence here. But I do believe there should be a level of discretion and I know I try to keep it to myself or with a close friend when I’m looking at something and going, “good LORD what is that? who does that?”

I want to make sure you heard what I said, so I’m typing it again. I-am-guilty-too. I have done it at some point and will probably again. Usually it’s an attack of insecurity.

The point I’m getting to:

There is a really freaking weird epidemic right now of people who have very, very, VERY poor photography “skills” and I wouldn’t even give them that much, sitting and judging others and calling their work bad! It’s like a twilight zone. I literally see it and I say, wait…………..do they have eyes?! Their work isn’t any better in the slightest! AND EVERYONE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE! Do you really think you are better than them?

Overly softened (like not intentional BEAUTIFUL clear softening, but like someone pushed a softening button..) …….. black and white vignetting?!?! ………. splash of color ………….. sepia ………. (YES WHEN I WAS NEW I think I may have done some of these but dare I ever utter a word of me being better than someone else? Heck no! I knew I wasn’t!) You guys have to be kidding yourselves.

I am sorry to rant, but this is not what the community is all about. I don’t believe in desperately trying to connect and please everyone in the community but I have a small, self-secure, talented group of ladies I network with. We don’t sit around and bash work. We STRIVE TO GET BETTER. We teach, we learn, we practice, we study, and we invest a hell of a lot of money. REAL CAMERAS, lenses, lighting. Etc.

Instead of posting images and websites of work that you have to scour to find worse than yours, GO PRACTICE and learn how to shoot in RAW. 100% RAW. Learn what aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance mean.

Stop being bullies, your work won’t look better by insulting others. Maybe this is why you are having trouble finding clients. No one wants to see that especially when you don’t have one image you’ve ever taken that’s quality enough to back it up.

Am I the best? Heck no!
Am I getting better with practice? Most of the time.
Would I ever discourage someone from living their dream? NEVER. But I will not support or encourage anyone who is starting off with a hateful heart.

I love photography and my career and I choose to only surround myself with those who have the same deep passion and APPRECIATION for the job we’re so lucky to do, documenting life & love.

Peace- I need a glass of wine!

Allow me to call myself out. This is what a 1 year difference for me & a lot of $$$ and practice has done for me:








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  1. more people need to read this. i had THE worse time of my entire life coming out here and trying to make a name for myself. i heard more hateful, cruel and mean comments about my work than i did encouraging. i hope this reaches out to a lot of people… especially in this area.

  2. Amanda, such a great post! I absolutely adore your work and look up to you, Briana, Tara and so on… Thank you for your advice and beautiful images to inspire me!

  3. LOVE this post! I keep telling myself over and over again… I just gotta keep my head down and focus on me, what I love and why I love it! I didn’t pick up the camera because I wanted to please others! I picked up the camera because I enjoyed the way I got to see things from a different perspective… unfortunately I got so caught up in what others were saying… how others were treating others that I lost that perspective. I think we all need to re-focus sometimes and not just the camera!

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