Do you have a Tara? If not, you really should get one.

My Tara is a girl that..

*Frequently misses my texts and calls and vice versa…AND ITS OKAY. It’s understood, there is no “ugh they never respond, etc etc”
*Understands being busy and cuts me so much slack, and vice versa
*Understands when I am in a wild mood and doesn’t look at me when I’m flipping out/breakdown like I’m crazy, but like, “Oh hell yeah girl I know how you feel!” She empathizes..doesn’t judge.
*Is honest always and has nothing to hold back, but doesn’t let it out meanly. She would never tell me a picture sucks that I took but she would rather describe to me how it sucks without hurting my feelings- but setting me straight.
*NEVER gets mad/upset/weird when I can’t attend something or be there for a function or help shoot. Good lord, one thing I love about her is that she doesn’t act like a ‘boyfriend’…you know the kind of people who hold a grudge when you can’t attend something or call them constantly!? That is REALLY emotionally draining and not very healthy. My family comes first and I hardly feel like I get to see them, so she understands it and vice versa. Running a business takes a LOT OF TIME, too and she knows this- because she does the same!
*Has my back and best interest at heart.
*Never once has implied she will suck me dry for info/tips/this and that and just want to gain in her own personal business but has spent endless amounts of time helping me with all of her info and experience because she wants ME to succeed!
*Makes me laugh soooooo hard sometimes I can’t stand it
*Knows I am OCD and even though her husband drives her nuts with his OCD, doesn’t make me feel horrible about mine and how I emotionally abuse my husband with my strict cleaning ways, HAHA! (jk,jk)
*Loves me for me, even on my bad days that suck to be around me.

I LOVE YOU TARA! You are so strong. Your grandma and mama are looking down SO proudly of you. I am here for you always.

Tara just recently lost her mother to cancer. PLEASE consider making a donation of any size to the fight against breast cancer in honor of Dianne Rice! THANK YOU! 🙂



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  1. so sweet! such a beautiful friendship! that is so kind for you to be here for her. i will be praying for comfort and peace for her. y’all are both so inspiring and i love both of y’all’s work and friendship! such cuties! 🙂

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