I can not say ENOUGH! I will let the images say it all. Basically, I got beyond lucky and contacted a local artist who was actually in the ODU Art program with my husband and wanted to get Mike the coolest birthday present ever, and I ended up with the best service trade with the best timing! Mallory’s birthday was yesterday, Mike’s is today, and mine is Friday- overall, between her amazing session with my new camera and this beautiful gift to Mike—- this is totally WINNING!

Links to Mallory’s art can be found here on her session blog post, you MUST SEE HER WORK! It’s incredible!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)





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  1. Love Love LOVE!! You told me about the concept, but seeing it done is awesome looking!! Mallory is an amazing artist & this piece truly captures you & Mike’s love for Cammy!! Happy Belated Birthday, Mallory!! Happy Birthday Mike!! (& Happy early birthday, Amanda!!)

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