Some people will read this and say- this woman is nuts. The other half will read it and say, okay- that’s a MOM <3

When you first bring your baby home from the hospital, they are teeny-tiny-itsy-bitsy sweet little nuggets and have the smallest little features you can’t even imagine how they are even REAL! It’s incredible and beautiful. That baby just came from your belly. You’re a miracle, you grew that thing!

We all know I’m an honest blogger, so a glass of wine later I decided to blog something sort of silly but just- meaningful.

From the second that baby is a part of you, you vow and promise to protect them with 100% of your life. Sleep loss, stress filled, worry ridden will become your new NORMAL but you’re not selfish anymore so you accept it. (I’m speaking for what parents should be, clearly some people stay “selfish” and immature πŸ™ Pregnancy is a gift, BE GRATEFUL!) You know that the size of the baby is getting bigger and bigger as you grow that gorgeous belly and those features may start out tiny, but they GROW.

I remember reading the emails from this week, your baby’s toes and fingers forming! eyelashes! lips! etc etc etc! We looked forward to those and read them WEEKLY on my phone in bed. We cherished every second.

Today my phone got completely WIPED OUT. I have no numbers unless I can figure out this Google Plus backup system and I had nothing to ‘play with’ or read while Mike was in Verizon getting it fixed. I crawled into the backseat with my new Mark III and my additionally new 35mm 1.4 and started taking pictures of things that I LOVE about Cammy while she slept.

Trust me when I say, you will never regret having pictures of every little part of them. Her sweet little toes have grown adorably so, her eyelashes somehow are even longer and those LIPS- that perfect pout that I kiss 10000000 times daily. I just wanted to remember it all now as it this moment.

You’ll never regret it. Even if they’re 8, go get some pics of their little features now. Thank you for understanding my motherly weirdness and extremeeeeeeeee love for my gal πŸ™‚

I didn’t edit these, they’re just SOOC {straight out of camera} so I’m sorry if they’re not prettyfied but they’re of her, so I love them!


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  1. I love the little hand on the knee pse she does the most. Thanks to you and Mike for bringing this angel into all our lives. Love you…Is this a Post?

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