We’ve all been there, where you’ve had the kind of year where you just can’t WAIT for the next to start because it’s been an usually drama-packed one. Full of crazy people (it was an election year, so naturally!) and trying to be a martyr to defend the truth and what’s right … to business building and stress and teething babies and ohhhhhhh the list goes on. Thank GOODNESS we are meant as humans to be able to weather storms anywhere from a couple raindrops to hurricanes and in return, we are given the gift of self-growth and discovery. We learn strong lessons from these…and end up a better version of our former selves.

If you live your life truthfully, selflessly and genuine you have to remind yourself that along the way you will meet others who won’t agree with you..and they’re not gonna like you, but you gotta know that you ARE a good person and doing the right thing. There are people who won’t like you just because they don’t want to. Some people just hate happy people! I remember being SO miserable before I met my husband and so depressed, alone and working too many hours and making too little and STILL genuinely feeling happiness for others. Smiling when I saw people kissing and holding hands. Being SO happy for others getting engaged and having babies! There are lessons to be learned but I have found that forgiving and dismissing is sometimes the best thing to do and my soul feels totally revived in doing so. It’s HARD but I deserve that peace of mind and so does my family, because the way we treat ourselves directly effects our families whether we are aware of it or not.

The career I have chosen plays on my heart strings and with EVERY SINGLE inquiry my heart flutters every time. If this feeling ever went away or I can “tired of answering inquiries” then please don’t let me be doing this! It wouldn’t be fair to clients. I wanted to extend a special and direct thank you to anyone who has inquired or booked with me because you have given me “instant happy” with that contact form you filled out on my site!

My best friend Tara recently bought me THE best book ever and it was the cutest pep talk in colored pages and quotes I’ve ever gotten!


Here are some other things to remember today. Stop beating yourselves up and live your life. Get off of Facebook. Stop thinking people’s statuses are about you. Stop assuming. Don’t go out of your way to message someone if they delete you on Facebook, let it go. GO ENJOY YOUR LIFE! Be a mom, a wife, a husband, a friend, a whatever…just go BE 🙂


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<p>Hey there! We’re a husband and wife team who has the honor to document inspiring wedding days for the most cheerful couples around. We have three daughters lovingly referred to as the mermaid mafia and we love nothing more than salty beach days, laughing as much as possible and living the simple, good life.</p>

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  1. AMEN! I am in an ongoing unhappiness/ignoring her- w some very hurtful things my cousin said to me re: our engagement and wedding being overrated, etc… I think to myself everyday that I want to forgive her so I can be free of the stress….but I also feel I dont want her thinking I’ll just forgive her next time she says hurtful things. Your post was reaffirming to me….that I do need to just forgive and move on…for everyone’s best interest.

    You’re the best. Love reading your posts.

    1. awww elisabeth you are so amazing, I adore you! I know how you feel- I have gone through SO much this year especially with rotten people and I’m actually GLAD because I’ve learned my lesson! i know the warning signs now, we will be better women because of this girl! I am here for you if you need me! 🙂

  2. This is a great post Amanda!! I love it!! Remember being at that old job when we were (& still are) Positive Polly’s then….calling out the Negative Nancy’s that surrounded us. <3 You're doing a great job as a mom, wife and photographer. Don't stress anyone else's silly behavior. 🙂

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