It’s really December?! Like, month TWELVE?! This is crazy! This time last year I was on maternity leave (aka actually fully back to work and taking sessions because I do NOT take breaks hahah!) enjoying a less than one month old tiny little bundle of spunk named Cammy and having our FIRST family Christmas! So many memories are forever tied to December now and I loooove the winter and fall now more than I could ever have imagined!

So there was frost on the ground this morning and it’s one of those small, simple life things that brings back so many memories of REALLY random things from growing up in Glen Allen. Do you know what I’m talking about? Something that you don’t expect to take you back in time but it does? I remember waking up and getting in the car to my grandma’s before I went to school, then during school years to the bus or to dad’s car, then getting to my neighbor’s house who drove and then to my own car in the mornings and walking through that crisp, crunchy frost covered grass. I loved it even though it was miserably cold because it meant CHRISTMAS was coming! I loved the holidays more than anything. The only thing I loved more than the holidays was our Nags Head vacation time every year six months away from the holidays– so everything in between was pure survival to get through until the fun stuff 🙂

The frost on the grass this morning reminded me of that really incredible feeling you have during your youth of the beauty of the unknown future ahead of you. I particularly remember visiting Longwood College (now University, right?!) one fall and even though it was chilly I was in LOVE. It was beautiful and it hit me that I was about to be on my own and start a new life. Everyone LOVES fresh, new starts and going to college is one of the biggest ones of all! I ended up going to ODU which I love love loved but I wasn’t able to finish, I had to work at several jobs really hard to live and pay rent and bills, but one day I will go back and get that degree 🙂

The frost this morning reminded me of that “what’s my life going to be like” feeling that as children is SUCH an otherworldly emotion. I STILL get that feeling. I am married with my own business and a beautiful daughter but there is still so much that can happen for us. We can’t wait to see what more our futures hold for us but we definitely are taking in and enjoying the ride 🙂 Happy December — the new year is right around the corner for a fresh new start if you’ve been looking for one!


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