This seems so silly. Negative Nancy’s will laugh at this and think, what an idiot. BUT, they also don’t get to experience the joy we do on a daily basis by using this technique that gives us a little instant happy and who couldn’t use that!?

I actually did a little of this before we became parents, but once she got here OH did I start geeking out BIG time over everything! And you know what?! You should! Basically what we do, is get REALLY excited over little things. Small deals. Like, going to Harris Teeter, I’m NOT kidding!

I started noticing that she would light up going into the grocery store. The colorful produce was RIGHT there at the front and she was totally obsessed with apples and oranges and bananas so she saw them every time she walked in and she squeaked, literally! She got so excited. Now…trips to the store with a baby can be easy or HARD, and they have always been easy with her until she started walking at 9 months and wanted to be more self sufficient, so……..I started getting her pumped before the trip and making a BIG deal out of it!


“We’re going to Harris Teeter!!!!!! WOW!!! Oh my gosh, bananas!? Apples!? ORANGES?” You would not BELIEVE how much this helped! After the produce I’d say, okay, you want to go get some bread? Alright..time to go get some cheese! I included her in every step of the shopping trip and guess WHAT, she stayed put and totally cooperated 🙂 Will she always? Maybe not, but I’ve bought myself 4 extra months of her behaving in the store! The prevention of a meltdown begins with the art of distraction. When that fails, tell her Elmo’s in the next aisle. When THAT fails, hold her and push cart (HARD)..and when that fails GIVE HER YOUR PHONE 🙁 my phone is cracked in over 10 places now, and it was a REALLY nice phone, lol! :/

Another big deal? Every month and milestone they hit…we threw her a half-a-year 6 month birthday party…does that tell you anything!? 🙂 And guess what, that little sweet thing deserved it! 🙂


So today we are getting a REAL Christmas tree. My whole life growing up we got a real tree and I haven’t had one since I left TEN years ago. I miss it so much, especially going to pick it out so we are going to enjoy taking the cutest little gal we know to pick it out..and we are making a VERY huge deal about it in this house 🙂 I can’t WAIT to document today with my camera and get her so so so pumped to do this together! 🙂

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  1. This is too sweet, Amanda!!! But you are SO right, some of my favorite childhood photos are ones that my mom took of me when I was being totally silly. Or sleeping on the floor next to a pile of Tootsie Roll wrappers, sleeping with a bowling ball as a pillow, the list goes on and on. You are SUCH a good mom for taking those & being able to preserve her little moments with style!!

    Negative Nancy’s don’t understand happy people. That’s why they get SO mad when we can get excited over little things or turn a potentially not so exciting situation (going to the grocery store) into a super fun excursion!! I’m super excited to see your next post with your Christmas Tree!!! <3

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