I’d like to think there is a special place in heaven reserved for us crazy doting mothers, the kind of mothers who get excited to be awakened by their babies and lose sleep when they are first born, the kind of mother who without a second of doubt or hesitation will pick up your child if they are throwing up regardless of what’s going to happen to your outfit, the kind of mother that is, well, obsessed and in love!

When I first became pregnant, I discovered Carter’s clothes. OHHHHHH was I in trouble! I was under the impression that they were expensive, but boy was I wrong! Carter’s has wonderful sales all the time and coupons monthly in the mail, in addition to during certain times of the year having “double stamp Tuesdays” where you get lots of credit for shopping and reward money back to spend the next time. Their clothes are always quality and the graphics are ADORABLE! The colors are happy and vibrant. I love them. I love them so much that during my pregnancy I would not only go to Carter’s in Landstown Commons but I would make my rounds to Ross, TJ Maxx, Kohls and Marshalls stores in Hampton Roads WEEKLY and keep finding the cutest outfits for the lowest prices.

Our first family photos were on a Christmas Tree farm by my talented friend Tara Liebeck who I told, hey, I just want a couple quick ones and she did the best job EVER at noon on a chilly December day! I loved Cammy’s colorful outfit and yep, I bought it in size newborn AND size 12 months. You know why!? There is this thing wild mamas like I do where we buy clothes in more than one size because not only are they cute, but we get to see them in it again and it brings back memories. I see Cammy in this same colorful outfit today and I instantly remembered getting her ready for our first family shoot. And she looks BEAUTIFUL, even with her face that ran into mommy’s desk this morning :/

It’s just one of those things I tell people to do every now and then because you never know how adorable it’s going to be to see them grown up a little in the same outfit <3



Then these two we took ourselves after the shoot:

And…………same outfit. WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES. I thought she was a silly looking but beautiful little newborn then, look at this growing angel now 🙂


This next one is awesome…….the wind always blows her hair at the PERFECT times! 🙂 And she looks like a baby warrior with her “ran her face into my desk drawer this morning” mark on her cheek!ImageImage

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  1. Lol…there are more of us crazy mothers out there? Good to know 🙂 I wanted a baby so badly that I would pretty much do thee exact same thing. By the time I was actually pregnant…I had over 6 Large totes FULL of baby goodies. Hehehe! (of course everything in those bins was 5 dollars or under. I scored amazing brand name stuff for very cheap. It’s crazy the awesome goodies that u find when you are not looking 😉 my family made fun of me… Now that I am a stay at home mom and only work part-time I can always dress up my little guy with something new even if the budget is more limited. It feels great 🙂 Plus it sure brings back wonderful memories of finding each item and the daydreaming of future baby days. 🙂 BTW—ur litle angel is so beautiful & you seem like an amazing mother— She’s lucky to have You!

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