As of tomorrow, Cammy will be 13 months old, which means this post is a little late..and she’s already changed SO much since her birthday party! It’s INCREDIBLE. They are changing at rapid speeds at this point and she is learning 10 new things every day, she is SO smart.

Her birthday included lots of great friends, family, a pink and purple sparkly cupcake from Sweet Temptations Dessert Cafe, rainbow candies, delicious pink themed snacks and lots of laughs from the hilarious babies playing together <3

We had so many bigger plans for Cammy’s birthday but with wedding season coming to a close and having back to back sessions in November, I didn’t get to get it all together like I wanted. I am SO excited for my new workflow and business hours to commence in 2013! I will be able to spend more time with family and enjoy their company instead of staying on the computer past midnight all the time trying to keep up.

Cammy— we LOVE YOU BABY GIRL. You are smart, you are unique, you are the reason the sun shines for us. Thank you for every bit of joy you bring us every second of every day. Happy birthday, honey bear <3


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