I met with a bride a couple of weeks ago. From the SECOND I saw her and she lit up with her contagious positive energy and adorableness, I was smitten. This girl is INCREDIBLE. Every single bride I have ever booked is incredible. I LUCK OUT!

We were meeting to discuss her wedding day and she had already decided to book me at the time, so it was just a get together to meet and talk about whatever we wanted to from photography to her venue to her fiance who I can’t WAIT to meet and life in general. We have a lot in common (like I do with most of my brides!) and it was such an easy going night sitting and laughing at Starbucks with her.

We got on the topic of shopping around for photographers and she probably gave me the most FLATTERING and clever example of why they booked me! My promo video was about to come out the next day and I was so intensely grateful that even BEFORE she saw it, she KNEW me and what kind of gal I am!

When her and her hubby-to-be sat down to discuss vendors, particularly photographers, she had been looking at a couple of other people too and they mutually decided on a couple of important factors and additionally came up with an ADORABLE way to describe why they booked me that I will NEVER forget!

First and foremost, they connected with my images emotionally. They could see the sincerity in the moments captured! I love that. That’s ALWAYS my goal. It’s not just capturing a bride’s smile, it’s capturing the 20 different kind of smiles she’s going to have that day from nervous to STOKED to totally ooohh ahhh in loooooove with that new man of hers 🙂

But the best of all was the surfboard analogy. She asked if I knew anything about surfboards and I said..I know I live at the beach, but no :/ She said that’s okay! I can explain it to you. WRV makes their surfboards by hand and they’re tested in the water, they are hand crafted and even have the signature on the back of them of who made them (I hope I am getting these deets right!) … they’re not just a money maker. They are genuine. *THIS OTHER COMPANY* that’s a big seller has them manufactured in China, nothing special about them..they’re just money makers. The process of finding vendors she could compare to this and easily name ME the WRV! Seriously, how flattering! It seems like something silly to get excited about …. but TRULY, it made my week. No, my year. More than she will ever know. It means that there are engaged girls out there who are on the same level as me and I am properly reaching and showing my intentions to and who I am as a person and photographer. They get me. They know I want to work hard for them to make sure I give them what they deserve!

I’m WRV, yahoo! Thanks again girl, you’re so awesome! 🙂





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