This kid’s HAIR! It’s so wild…and everyone knows it. You can see a post from a few months back just dedicated to her hair here! She was born with a head full of dark brown soft pretty locks and could have a baby mohawk from day ONE on this Earth. I love it! I remember hearing everyone say ohhhh look at that hair! She looks just like your husband! Well, I have a confession– my hair MAY or may not be this blonde in reality 🙂 And, my hair was the same color as hers when I was born if not darker! My natural color is strawberry blonde (with some new random brown hair growing in post baby, your hair can do some VERY strange things after giving birth!) and it looks like that’s the color she is going to have as well. Well..the point is….she has amazing hair. It’s whispy and fine and wild EVERY day. It fits her personality and we love that wild mop 🙂

A few days old 🙂

Look, we’re twins!


The softest hair and skin ever, I can remember it perfectly.


I just thought this was necessary last year– and not to mention she is fist pumping too! Little DJ Cammy ?!!?


And here it is..her second Christmas Eve…I got her outta the crib and she was saying Sassa (Santa) Sassa Ho Ho Ho…she knows it’s almost CHRISTMAS! 🙂

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