So technically it’s still dark out, but the sunrise happened at about 6am in our house this morning.

Something I ALWAYS mean to document is her “morning eyes” look…those tired, soft and sweet eyes our baby girl has in the mornings after a good night’s rest. They’re so pretty and she makes the goofiest faces with them, and I want to remember them– so I am posting them this morning πŸ™‚ Every day that she wakes up in this household, it’s instant sunshine. Ever since she was born, I would take her to see the sun rising in the morning and tell her that the sun shines because it knew she was coming and it’s happy she’s here <3

The images may have a lot of grain from a cranked up ISO and the one of her running away laughing is blurry, but you do what you can in a dark kitchen first thing in the morning with a low shutter speed πŸ™‚ They mean the world to me, I will never forget these cute images she gave me. And thank you to my bride and groom Christa & David for bringing her back this Minnie Mouse that she takes EVERYWHERE! πŸ™‚

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