90% of the images I take of Cammy, I’m on my OWN. No one behind me making her laugh or keeping her attention so it gets REALLY hard! She’s been walking since 9 months old and she’s almost 14 months old SO she’s been restless for quite a while. Getting images now of her is getting very, very hard! BUT, there’s one thing I always use to make it happen.

Yeah, I may be that mom that stands in her front/back yard yelling woof woof!!!!!! What does a doggy say!? What does a kitty say? Meowmeowmeow! BUT– I get the shot! And having that shot is worth some stranger thinking I’m pathetic 🙂 Her expressions are always priceless and her images mean the world to us.

This time, Mike was there to help– and we quickly learned that Cammy was burnt out on woof woof and meow. So, we quacked. We quacked, and quacked, and quacked and she LOVED IT. She quacked, too– and she was laughing her little butt off. WHEW! And yes– that’s her Happy Birthday banner from November still up on our back porch! Whoops 🙂

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  1. Totally worth others thinking we are idiots to hear our little ones laugh! (They probably think we are idiots too, but that laugh and those smiles are totally worth it!)

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