She’s a star, our little Camstar. Our little sunflare, sunshine, sweetness, giant cheeked, whale spout pig tailed, mama’s girl, blue eyed, strawberry blonde bundle of gorgeous and wild haired joy we’ve known for 14 months now. Some of these faces are sweet, some are cute, some are HILARIOUS. One thing is for sure– she has the CUTEST little Spongebob teeth ever! We wanted to a pay a little tribute to the entertainment around here, she keeps us laughing and amused at all times and looking back at her expressions and images over the past year, you’ll see why. Little Miss Applesauce herself, ladies and gentlemen! The best of 2011 and 2012:

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And the corny Father’s Day video I made last year for Mike— WHEW WE BOTH CRY EVERY TIME!

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