When we were pregnant, people told us a lot of very strange things. Advice from everyone. Even people who had never had children!

What we quickly learned was 90% of the advice and “facts” never applied to us and that basically what we gathered from all of the blabbering was that either these people have REALLY bad kids or, they probably didn’t plan on being parents– hahahah!

We were warned about the stretch marks (that never came), the up all nights (she usually sleeps through pretty well and has since she was a couple weeks old), the horrors of nursing (I made it to my goal of a year), and basically warned about EVERYTHING in the book except ONE THING.


People…where were you on this one? Telling me all sorts of things that never applied to us, but the teething lol!?!? It is something people don’t talk about!? Teething is something I must warn everyone about right now– it can be sooo hard (but it definitely varies from kid to kid, I have friends who have very pleasant teething babies!)! It’s horrible to watch Cammy restless tossing and turning and crying and pointing to her teeth in pain saying “teef! teef!” and not being able to fix it! Yes, we give her teethers, orajel and pain medicine but I reaaaaaaaaaally don’t wanna do the around the clock medicine thing. She has FIVE TEETH (four are molars) coming in at once right now and she is kind of…a different baby! We don’t spank or punish her at ALL physically but she’s so frustrated she’ll smack us on the arm trying to take it out on us and we feel so sad for her 🙁 We are patiently waiting for the last molar to pop through and give us ALL a break! POOR BABY! But through all of it?! She finds joy in ice cream, her new couch and the slide. It’s been a rough couple of weeks but I am glad I document EVERYTHING so I can show her these one day and go look! These are the days that you were beating us up and acting like a wild woman 🙂

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