This is my FAVORITE set of images from our little series the White Sweater & Glittery Heels Project– because you would never, ever, ever know how much of a difficult week it’s been for her!

Teething isn’t fun, this we all know– but this week has been REALLY tough. She has this one molar on the bottom that’s really painful to the point of her pointing to it, crying and sayin “teef! teeeeeeeeef!”

BUT SHE SMIIIIIIIIILED all the way through these, and something AMAZING happened before we even started! I picked up my camera and she instantly looked at me and said “picture?” and I said YES GIRLFRIEND, PICTURE! Let’s do this! And she was SO good. Of course I had to take these on one of the coldest days yet so I decided to throw her on our new beautiful white bed spread and see what we could do 🙂

If you want to see all of her White Sweater posts before this– you can catch 11 Months and younger , One Year Old and 13 months by clicking on the links! 🙂

Here ya go—– 14 months of strawberry blonde sweetness!

SB9A0109 SB9A0116 SB9A0120 SB9A0125 SB9A0129 SB9A0135

Oh! She discovered a mirror. So naturally, she has to stop and smile and flirt with herself!
SB9A0146 SB9A0154 SB9A0165 SB9A0167

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