We’re gonna be DIFFERENT!

Among all of the complaints, negative statuses, complaining about people who can’t drive in the snow (I’ll go 1 mile per hour if means keeping my family SAFE!) and all of the other things we are seeing..we’re gonna be different. We’re going to get SO ridiculously excited over this snow right now!!!!!!!!

I LOVE snow and I love the fact that Cammy is running up to our front glass door and saying “so! soooooooo!” when she sees it. She is SO enthralled with it and was spinning around in circles like Winona Ryder in Edward Scissorhands in our front yard so adorably that our neighbors stopped to watch her and a car driving by slowed down to tell her how cute she was 🙂 Soak it in Cammy, what kind of life is this if you can’t get WAY too excited of things like this?! It’s so beautiful and we love it– so everyone BE SAFE and ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! <3 Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to make a Cammy sized “soo”-man!!

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