Part one came to you a couple hours after our snowfall here in Virginia Beach, VA not two days ago– YES we get THAT excited for it here! Well, not everyone, but we love it and it makes us SO happy to at least get to see it once! πŸ™‚

Can I start with the picture that completely blew up on Facebook!? My poor sick husband did an amazing job taking it, I only kept him outside for about 30 seconds because I set up the lighting and the shot for him but he perfected it! LOOK AT THIS!:


It reminded us of magical snowy moments we only see in movies, and we got to not only feel it but have this image for us to share forever. I hope she loves it one day <3


A big thank you on the love for this image. We don’t expect this so it’s a blessing that doesn’t go unnoticed! Thanks! πŸ™‚

More from our snow days are posted below– Oh man..don’t kill me Cammy but there may be a baby booty one thrown in here. I just wanted to show Amanda Hedgepeth Photography friends, fans and clients why I get distracted sometimes when something like THAT is running around my office!

The lake in our backyard, frozen with seagulls! So pretty!

SB9A0252-2 SB9A0261-2 SB9A0262 SB9A0264

A naked baby running towards my lenses and wedding magazines– help!!!!!!!!SB9A0280

A typical breakfast experience in our household– complete with hamming it up for us and batting her eyes, finally caught on mama’s camera! πŸ™‚SB9A0287 SB9A0297 SB9A0301 SB9A0323 SB9A0326

And the excitement from our weekend (ever seen Old School when Will Ferrell talks about his exciting little weekend planned with a trip to Home Depot?) That’s us..we’re so boring and we LOVE it!SB9A0332 SB9A0336

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  1. Love this!! I’m completely down for the domesticated boring routine because it’s honestly the best feeling to be completely satisfied with your home life that you don’t want to be anywhere else, but there! Btw, absolutely love the baby booty shot!! Adorable! Plus that blazer is awesome! Have fun in the snow & make an angel for me! πŸ™‚ Miss you all!
    Love from the Big Sandy D!!

  2. Amanda, when Cammie gets married, and you do a slide show during the reception…the “baby bootie” MUST be included! πŸ™‚ After all, it is just a bare “bum”! (wink) Love these winter pics…but esp. the red coat pic.! I think you need to enlarge and frame that one as a showstopper in your home! Terri Sweeney

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