Sometimes I want to blog about several different things but I don’t wanna write a whole heck of a lot on each subject– so this may be the MOST random blog post EVER, but I’ll keep it short and sweet 🙂

Another reason I love Mondays? My daughter goes to her incredible babysitter who started out as one of my clients and is now a sweet friend, and the added bonus is that she gets SO tired playing with Jennifer’s daughter, Sophia, that she comes home and NAPS big time! So I get even MORE work done on Mondays!!!!!!

ISO- a trillion, our living room is dark this time of day 🙂

SB9A0344 SB9A0348

I love this cd. I LOVE her! And the COOLEST thing is that a fellow Showiteer shot all of these images for her album!!!!!!!! How proud am I right now to have Showit as my website host!? AWESOME community.


And if you haven’t seen this yet– you just HAVE to see it. Take the couple of minutes, it’ll warm your soul and make you laugh at how unreal this kid is, he’s ADORABLE! And then after the video think..what will be YOUR Space Jam? That’s probably my favorite line. Think about it 🙂

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