Does anyone need a Valentine this year? How about 16 lbs of strawberry blonde spunk and sass, complete with snacks and an extensive vocabulary past her time. Really big into dancing (just say “shake ya booty!”) and talking all day long in a super cute voice. She kisses, too (you can’t see it but in the last image of her and I she actually got a little fresh and stuck her tongue in my mouth…what a tart!) and she hugs ALL day long. This is our Valentine and we are willing to share her for anyone who needs a friend/date on that day! All you have to do is pay off my student loan debt and she’s yours for the day 🙂 We think that’s fair!!!!!! 🙂


Now here is her Valentine’s photoshoot complete with a “Pink Lady” apple (never heard of those until yesterday!) and her Valentine’s necklaces from last year … I guess we’ve started yet another tradition!

SB9A0397 SB9A0398 SB9A0400 SB9A0401 SB9A0402 SB9A0417 SB9A0420 SB9A0421 SB9A0433 SB9A0438

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