Oh my gosh. I don’t think I’m funny but I definitely laughed at myself in these videos. What the HECK am I talking about? I’m self deprecating, excitable and an overall spaz when I shoot. I just love what I do and I LOVE when people nail exactly what I’m asking for and I definitely let them know hahahah!

To compensate for the embarrassment of my words, I decided to post the image that corresponds with the video so you can at least see that hey, I may sound silly but the result is beautiful!

ENJOY– at my expense 🙂 I am planning on starting to use an assistant to capture this a little more often because it cracks me up and sometimes I need a laugh hahaha!

THANK YOU Michael & Ahna for taping for me!!!!!!!!! I am so grateful for you!

The result:

SB9A1221 SB9A1220

The result:

SB9A1255 SB9A1260


Talking about her bend, about how I CAN’T bend – not even to put my shoes on and how I pretend I’m still pregnant and ask Mike to put my shoes on for me sometimes. Really?! LOLOLOL.

The result:


It just shows your womanly body versus the straight and boring pole. LOL Amanda PLEASE.

SB9A1394 SB9A1389

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