No one cares, I know! But I had my husband take pictures of what I wore to my styled shoot on Sunday and I promise I am going to make a small but important (in my funsized opinion) point.

So, when I first started my business I kind of………gosh this is hard to admit and put out there……………looked like a bum.

You know why?! Because I’d been in scrubs, waitress uniforms, dress clothes, etc and always had some sort of dress code to abide by, but this time…I was the boss. I could wear WHATEVER I want! I showed up in yoga pants and a t-shirt and shot my little heart out.

I didn’t work less hard because of it.
My images weren’t any different because of it.

But, my professionalism was lacking. What I am wearing behind the camera doesn’t effect the quality of my images but it does effect the quality of my reputation as a serious business owner.

Gosh– this really is hard to write! I am going to go get a cookie real quick and finish writing.


Okay 🙂

What I’m trying to say is– I’m not wearing yoga pants to shoots anymore. No-more-yoga-pants. Especially like I did the first year when I was carrying Cammy.

Sure, I was pregnant my first year. SURE, I rolled around in mud sand dirt and jumped in the ocean. BUT so did my clients. In their NICE clothes. I WANTED to dress nice but because my life and business were sooo unorganized, I wasn’t able to get my life together let alone a nice outfit together before a shoot. Then I rushed home from shoots, put up sneak peeks, and didn’t edit the rest of them until a couple of weeks later because well, I was overwhelmed and didn’t have ANY structure to my business. Now? My typical turn around time is 48 hours or less for sessions- editing the FULL session & emailing the digital download to the client.

OH how things have changed this year!!!!!!! It’s SO hard to know how to do everything right in the beginning and granted there is NO right or wrong, but in my experience and opinion it IS right to look presentable for a photo shoot. They say we only spend 10% of our time running our businesses shooting and out of the office so why not look AMAZING or at least pretty good when you do get out!? Plus, I FEEL better. I feel more presentable and I am proud to show up looking good!

So this past Sunday I did a styled shoot which you can see here and then enjoy some embarrassing behind the scene video and image results here and I decided to make sure I looked nice. I have been looking better and better and as a result, FEELING better and more professional. YOU ARE YOUR BRAND, your company, you represent yourself so make sure you make a great impression!

I’m not saying put on a business suit and have your hair professionally done first– but just something YOU and presentable, it really makes a difference 🙂

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    1. HAHAH southern soul and kindred spirit— I used to wear cowgirl boots so much that if I DIDNT wear them someone would ask me where they were! but then I messed them up too badly– I saw some VERY cute ones at Target recently!!!!!!!! <3 <3 time to break them out again for summer, I wont shoot in fields without them!!!!!

  1. I should dress up more on a daily basis and take more care about how I look. This made me realize that! Granted, I’m just a college student, but I should dress for the career I want! These pictures of you are adorable. If I ever have any photography needs, I’m sure I will be using you!! Reading you blog makes me happy and that says A LOT. I don’t know you but it feels like I do!

  2. This is such a great blog sweetheart! Ugh and it rings too true for me. I am the same exact way. I look like a hot mess at my sessions and I’m not sure why. I look great at weddings so why not great at sessions? This has inspired me to really step it up this year!

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