Mannnnnnnnnn ohhhh mannn. When is Cammy gonna be a big sister?!?!

I hear it all the time and I am SO conflicted with the answer. The truth is we planned on trying in March– of this year. We did! We 100% planned on that. But something changed in December, I got my business together. Like 90% of the way organized and I am still working out the kinks but it’s like brand new and something odd has happened. I’m enjoying running my business, like…the paperwork, and filing, and spreadsheeting and to do listing and the BORING stuff — I AM LOVING IT!

It’s weird to admit it but I feel like I may have been wanting another baby so soon because I was ready for another BURST of happiness in our lives. Not that we weren’t happy, and that we suddenly loved Cammy less but………I think because my business was lacking what I wanted it to be and wasn’t up to it’s potential as far as organization, efficiency and professionalism I was avoiding something and trying to cover it with someone else. A pregnancy would be a happy distraction. Well, I decided to take the healthy route and take care of ME first and get my business up and running and beautifully where I wanted it.

I still am working on some things, it’s far from perfect but SOME aspects of it are amazing right now! You wouldn’t believe the transformation. I am VERY happy to be bringing my transformation tips and tricks to the Q&A’s this Spring held in Richmond and Hampton Roads and additionally to the mentoring sessions Tara Liebeck and I will be hosting. But nonetheless, getting organized and learning to LOVE to run my business made me decide that I probably not ready for the next baby yet.

You see, I want to have the next baby when I am so organized that I can be AHEAD of myself. Pre-blogging, having spreadsheets prepared for the following month before it approaches, etc. I am not ready to bring Cammy a sibling yet until I can treat them with TONS of respect by giving them all of the attention and love they deserve, BOTH babies šŸ™‚ Some amazing women can do this, but I know I can’t right now. Hard to admit, but true.

It’s difficult to say it, but we’re waiting at least another year. I do tear up writing that, but I sit here thanking my lucky stars that I even have Camryn in the first place and without her, I’d be lost. So lost. A part of me was lost before her. If she is all we ever have, I am still the luckiest woman I know. (Maternity image below by Tara Liebeck Photography!)

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  1. You know what’s right for you and your family. I always give you a lot of credit & respect for doing what’s right and standing up for what you believe in. I know how bad you guys want to grow your family, but like you said, you want to be able to give them “all of the attention and love they deserve”. That’s the BEST way to look at this Amanda!! You’re an amazing mother to Cammy & your next child will be able to enjoy having you as his/her mommy if you’re where you want to be with your business. <3

  2. I think you made the best decision you could for your family and honestly, Cammy would probably love to be a big sister but I bet she’d enjoy just mommy and daddy for a little bit longer. You are so smart, successful and beautiful business woman and you should not be ashamed that you love your job….WHY? Because you are one of the woman who is able to balance family and work and do it so well!! I envy you and have so much respect for you and all that you do!!

  3. Totally. All I can handle is Cammy right now. She’s got the personality of like, 10 kids! I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished and have yet to accomplish… I know great things are coming your way, sis!

  4. This is very true on so many ways. I am also very guilty of wanting something I don’t have because I am not facing the truth..or even responsibility sometimes…whatever it is. I have Brenda wanting a baby even before we got married, but I think I am at the same…I am still trying to find who I am..either photography or trying to find out if I like this Project Management stuff. But I know I am glad that we are being smart about bringing another life into this world..financially and emotionally! thank you for writing this post, Amanda! You are so for real about things, and I love that!

  5. Aww, I love maternity pics! OMG You are so adorable in your cute maternity outfit and accessories!!!! Whenever you have another baby it will be the perfect time for you! Mine are 4 years apart and I like that because it makes their baby stage feel longer and they get more individual attention. Good Luck with your business and family goals! šŸ™‚ hugs!

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