Motherhood is TOUGH so the first thing I do when something not so fun happens is talk about it because I always felt SO alone in the beginning like I was the only one doing something wrong. No! I couldn’t have been further from the truth on that one. We ALL mess up (not just motherhood, parenthood in general) but people like to be very secretive about details…almost like they need to protect their reputation as a mother first instead of just putting it out there!

WELL I’m one of those honest “look how bad I screwed up on this one” mothers because other mothers and fathers can empathize and there’s no harm in hiding, we ALL do these things, we all stop paying attention for a minute, we all turn our backs on them and we mess up. I forgot to mention she ate the tip of a crayon this morning, too. I didn’t get my workday yesterday because of scheduling conflicts so she was never at the babysitter, and I’m trying to catch I wasn’t paying the best amount of attention to her šŸ™

Now, I’m not saying it’s totally normal to not check on your child when they’re playing in the other room for an hour, I check about every 5-10 minutes because Cammy is super adventurous and I need to keep an eye on her but today? Nope. I decided answering emails was more important. Ohhhhhh holy shame on me for this! If I had just turned around 3 seconds earlier I would caught her from falling and from her little tooth busting under her lip open šŸ™

Sorry about the first picture šŸ™ It’s a little graphic but it’s exactly what happened right after I kept wiping and wiping her face, I always take a picture of things for the doctor! :/ Sometimes they think I’m exaggerating that things have bled or looked a certain way because I’m a new mom (and everyone thinks we’re sooo dramatic:)) so I alwaaaaaays take one with my phone!


SB9A2089 SB9A2095 SB9A2096

This baby can’t stand holding a lens cap and not putting it on my camera while I’m shooting ahhhh it drives me nuts! But it’s cute šŸ™‚ SB9A2098 SB9A2105 SB9A2107 SB9A2112 SB9A2117 SB9A2129 SB9A2131 SB9A2133

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  1. aw poor little thing….I teared up when I saw her sad, sweet little face – but she looks like she came through just fine and you are a fabulous mom – things happen – don’t beat yourself up too much!! cammy knows how very much she is loved. <3 OoXx

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