The Cammy Dictionary…she says SO much more but these are the main ones we hear 🙂

Ahhgadat – I got that
Bahbee – Baby
New – NO
D-d-d-d – Dora
Aweshum – Awesome
MeeMice – Mickey/Minnie Mouse
Almoo – Elmo
Nyny – Night Night
Dah-den – Daddy
Mamanay- Mama
Appajoose- Apple Juice
Appashash- Apple Sauce
Tikatikatika- Tickle, tickle, tickle
Cahtch- Couch
Cookeeee – Cookie
Rararice – Rice
Teeee – Teeth
Boosh – Brush
Badgies – Veggies
Yougur – Yogurt
Cackcooo – Cracker
Papee – Puppy
Sassa – Santa
Sueee – Spoon
Baht- Butt
Boooosies – Boobies
Shahck- Sock
Joooose- Juice
Ahg- Hug
Keece- Kiss
Cahlah- Color
Pichoo- Picture
Bi deo – Video

And my new favorite??

ahwayoo – I LOVE YOU <3

A random favorite from the holidays<3 She put the bow on her head because that’s what she got us for Christmas– herself 🙂


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