Y’all, this is just something I have to get out! I slip into these horrible self-pitying and degrading funks sometimes because I am SOOOOOOO driven to succeed, succeed, succeed and accomplish constantly to the point where if I don’t have a session for more than a week, week and a half, I feel LOST. I want the practice, the work, the editing time, the experience. Like Justin & Mary said, we wear busy like a badge of honor. BUT it’s the work…the work work work………that makes it worth it. The work that tells a story for your clients. It is NOT about us and if we think it’s about us we are doing it wrong. This is about our clients.

If I have to practice on a $12 bouquet from Harris Teeter in my house and then outside, comparing the light and settings..if I have to shoot my wedding rings for the 1000th time with my macro, if I have to pick up a wedding magazine and look through, finding NEW ways to shoot details on weddings days…THIS IS OKAY! I don’t have to always be hired and shooting to be successful and bettering my self and my business. I love learning and growing and I’m finding myself watching my J* tutorials, reading a small business book for dummies and studying aperture, ISO, etc online just for fun JUST to have something ELSE a little more outside literally going and shoot someone I have been hired by.


The day I only pick up the camera to go to a shoot or wedding is the day I know I have fallen out of love with photography. If y’all could see some of the ridiculous things (besides Cammy hahah) that I take pictures of, you’d definitely brand the biggest nerd in school.

I also have to realize………..IT’S FEBRUARY. It’s FREEZING! I had 5 engagement sessions in a two week period in December and January and I think it spoiled me a little. I think those couples really got me ready for wedding season which for me, doesn’t start until April- but when it starts it gets rolling fast right away with three weddings that month!!

Another thing? We can all be real here. NUMBER of weddings booked. Gosh, first I’m a Katelyn James quoting machine and now it’s J+M but the point is…they are all right and totally know what they’re talking about. That’s why I am about to keep it very real here with something I learned at the Justin & Mary What’s Next Tour. I have cried so many times this year thinking about how many weddings I want to book and how I didn’t have my goal number reached before the New Year. Now……let’s ask ourselves. What’s with the needing a certain number? Hold on…is that why we fell in love with photography? To fill a quota? Did we invest tons of money, our hearts and our souls into photography because we wanted to be able to say we have X amount of weddings booked? Well, that’s definitely not why I started.


HECK no. I am not filling a quota ANY-MORE-SISTER. Am I grateful that I have 15 booked and 2 pending? YES! That’s amazing!!!!!!! But you know what? This year, finally..after having a baby and being a mess for the first two years (with amazing gracious clients who made me feel so good about myself and settled for average service, in my eyes) I am sitting down and paying SO much more attention to my couples. To who they are. To what they need. To their wedding day, details, etc. I will never again let my pregnancies, newborn, etc be an excuse. I was new and I know that was the main issue…but this year is already so different. I am REALLY growing as a businesswoman and photographer and I love it.

I have no reason to be in a funk. I woke up this morning, I have a happy healthy family and I am doing AMAZING things with my business. I slipped into EXACTLY what I preach to others to not fall weary to. Sometimes, things slow down. That means you are growing beautifully and steadily. My good friend Megan Garrison knows I don’t rest ๐Ÿ˜‰ But, the work makes it worth it..and I don’t even think my business and amount of weddings/sessions/etc constitutes me even being “slow” but that just goes to show you how Type A and fast paced I can be. Everyone— if you are slipping into a funk or feeling discouraged, I am going to be blogging soon some of the things I do to get out of that ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope they will helped, but stay tuned this week ๐Ÿ™‚

LOOK HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME. On your bad days, LOOK how much you’ve grown.

These people below? They believe in me. Meet my Richmond Q+A attendees — all beautiful, all inspiring ME to do a great job and all have hearts of gold!


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