People who work from home and have an office usually have a separate room for their office. With a door. That shuts. Another room entirely with all of their ‘stuff’ where they can close off the rest of the busy household and get to work.

I have a corner of a kitchen, and that’s okay! I am SO grateful that we even have enough room for me to have a cute corner of the kitchen! I have it really adorable and nicely decorated, matching my branding and REALLY organized. I have learned SEVERAL things by working with less space and not having my own distinguished room:

-LESS is MORE, but having enough organizational furniture is key (things with shelves and nooks and purpose)
-Mirrors make your office look bigger (wasn’t it Katelyn James I learned that from?:))-Lighting in my office definitely affects my mood, so it can’t be TOO bright or too dull, just soft lamp lighting like I love
-I have to have my desk EMPTY and clean every night or I feel like a total mess the next day when I start working again
-I have a gorgeous view of our lake in the backyard and when fall and spring arrive I get to have this AWESOME breeze coming off the water but I have to remember to open the windows on our sunroom, too..because seriously that little breeze can make me SO peaceful and help me work faster!
-I have NO privacy. If Cammy’s home, whether Mike is here or not, she’s going to want me. And it’s HARD. I speak for so many people who work from home with children when I say it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO near impossible most days to get your work DONE, especially if you do something that REQUIRES concentration to not be broken in order to be CONSISTENT. So hard. I cry a lot of days, I won’t lie! Being interrupted in the middle of an email throws me so off track and I feel lost, and it happens 50% of the time I’m answering them.

I haven’t had a babysitter for a few weeks because our usual gal is at another job temporarily and I didn’t make a good enough effort to find someone else in the mean time…and it’s been sooo hard because I take the office part of my job VERY seriously now that I understand work flow and the business side of things..but then, this picture you see below………….she does this. She crawls into my lap. I told Mike to take a picture of this because one day, as frustrated as I am now, I will be so glad she loved me enough to want to constantly interrupt me. I feel so selfish for getting annoyed by it, but the truth is…I love her more than life and I need to just work smarter and not harder, and DEFINITELY have at least 8 hours of daycare weekly. Love you honey <3


And this is DEFINITELY what I’m doing 1-2 times every single day with her. I can’t bare to let go of her because I love every moment of this. I heard it time and time again from people- put her down, put her in the crib, let her sleep, let her cry it out…welllllllllllllllll, NOPE, not me 🙂 I’d way rather do this and get stressed about the laundry later. I don’t want to look back and regret all of the nights we thought we needed to go out and drink, all of the times we chose to leave, to not hold her, so we do those things sparingly– and that’s okay, that’s what works for us! She holds me, and I need it.


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