A couple summers ago, there was this PERFECT day outside where I told Mike..whatever temperature it is right now…………THAT is my favorite temperature. There was a light breeze, the sun was beating down but everything was just right.

This winter has been one of my worst funks YET. I know actually quite a bit of people who goes through seasonal funks when it’s cold..and then…it stays cold, and for some reason it decides to snow on the first day of Spring…and we all are just feeling down, discouraged, etc…ESPECIALLY people who depend on working outside and want themselves AND their clients to be comfortable!

So I’m literally so sick right now that I’ve gone through THREE full boxes of tissues in less than 2 days..and on top of that, I’m just having a hard time being as meticulous as I normally and am with keeping up with things like I want to. I took 4 1/2 days off of answering emails because I had a session, meeting, mentoring and driving 200 miles to shoot a volunteer event in that short time period and I spent 2 1/2 hours yesterday morning catching up. So…………..I’m REALLY overwhelmed and in a funk.

The good thing is? I feel it nearing an end 🙂

And even better???

76 degrees, that perfect sunshine with the light breeze that makes you feel like your funk is ending and life is going to get a little easier again?

She lives in my house. This smile is my 76 degrees. I am SO lucky, look at that happy baby. Oh I don’t care what in this world goes wrong and who doesn’t like me or what kind of stress I have……..I GET TO LOOK AT THIS and know I’ve done something right, protected and raised a sweet healthy girl who is the happiest little sunshine on the block. My 76 degrees.






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