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So, we couldn’t be MORE different but she is definitely my pal and I ADORE Jessica Sevin! I asked her to describe her market and photography style and she wrote this: I shoot conceptual art, fashion, cosplay, and weddings. Everything I shoot leans towards geeky, odd, alternative, and non-traditional.

See what I mean? Basically..she is my husband’s dream girl, and you should see him doing a double take when he walks by the computer and I’m looking at her work! HE ALWAYS knows the character and/or understands the concept. It’s adorable!!!!!!! 🙂 If you haven’t yet had the chance to, check out JL7 Photography on Facebook.

PS——- this was the SNOW DAY LAST WEEK. Let’s just say I’m still hurting from shooting in this weather and I was bundled…so can you image this model!?! BRAVE!

Vendors to thank:

Model & Designer – Rebecca Tigner of Stormy Gail Designs

Hair – Nicholas Carinci of Major Tease Designs

MUA – Theresa Little of Theresa Little Make-up Artistry

Photography Assistant – Nicole Gridley and Holly Hill

BTS video – Holly Hill

First..some behind the scenes of behind the scenes– LOL! Thanks Holly of Shutterly Sweet Photography! 🙂
Yes— I like bright colors 🙂

_MG_3872 _MG_3881 2013-03-26_028

And here is the master at work! Love that JL7 Photography gal!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
You can see the snow in this first one 🙂

jl7-behind-the-scenes-1 jl7-behind-the-scenes-4 jl7-behind-the-scenes-5 jl7-behind-the-scenes-6 jl7-behind-the-scenes-10 jl7-behind-the-scenes-12 jl7-behind-the-scenes-13 jl7-behind-the-scenes-17 jl7-behind-the-scenes-18 jl7-behind-the-scenes-19 jl7-behind-the-scenes-20 jl7-behind-the-scenes-21 jl7-behind-the-scenes-26 jl7-behind-the-scenes-31 jl7-behind-the-scenes-33 jl7-behind-the-scenes-34 jl7-behind-the-scenes-35 jl7-behind-the-scenes-36 jl7-behind-the-scenes-37 jl7-behind-the-scenes-42 jl7-behind-the-scenes-47 jl7-behind-the-scenes-54 jl7-behind-the-scenes-56 jl7-behind-the-scenes-71 jl7-behind-the-scenes-73 jl7-behind-the-scenes-81 jl7-behind-the-scenes-82 jl7-behind-the-scenes-85 jl7-behind-the-scenes-86 jl7-behind-the-scenes-88 jl7-behind-the-scenes-89

That last one? Oh yeah, that’s something us long blonde haired people like to call blonde bokeh trick 🙂 Well, I use it, and it’s AWESOME 🙂


IMG_8612 IMG_8616 IMG_8658 IMG_8678 IMG_8683 IMG_8697 IMG_8713

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  1. I really can’t thank you enough Amanda! You have no idea how much I appreciate your wanting to take behind the scenes photos for our shoot! <3

  2. Deanna Archer says:

    Last two are to die for!! Amazing!

  3. lovecrimlaw says:

    Such beautiful photos, both behind the scenes and by JL7. You can’t even tell it was a ladder the model was standing on! Super creative! xoxo Elisabeth

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