We are humbled and totally in love with our mentoring girls from March of 2013, a year we will NEVER forget that we took the leap that Justin and Mary inspired us to take. Serving others before ourselves from clients to other photographers. Helping others is the most rewarding feeling of all and we poured our hearts into this and received the love back ten fold!

After endless emails, messages and face to face stories from friends and photographers, new AND established about their detailed encounters with buttheads in the industry left and right, we decided to make a CONSTRUCTIVE…not DESTRUCTIVE place for people to network, learn, inspire and encourage. First came my Q&A’s that are still SO amazingly successful and positive, then came one on one small mentoring sessions with some of those Q&A attendees. Now, we are here mentoring and going more deeply into the business aspects, marketing and technical areas of photographer for those who are still in the beginning stages of their business.

We definitely went into this ready to share all that we know and all that has worked for us. Everything we have learned from research, experience and other photographers who have helped us along the way. We kept it open to ANY question that needs to be asked..and open to ANY one that needed to vent 😉 Without support, this can be such a difficult industry to flourish in. Why hurt when you can help, as Katelyn James posted not too long ago.

Everyone is at different levels in their business and sometimes just needs a support system and guidance. All of our attendees are entered into a Facebook group after their mentoring session that is VERRRRRY different from the forums. You know what I’m talking about 🙂 The dreaded forums full of women that if you post something like “It’s a gorgeous day outside” 10 people are going to have to think of really deep arguing points why it’s not really gorgeous outside and then bring the conversation full circle to something about “how everyone wants to be a photographer these days.” Ohhhhhhh get over it people!

Tara and I are here to help anyone who wants it. I believe in my heart that everyone deserves a chance at something they have a passion for. SURE they may not turn it into a business! Not everything is for everyone. Maybe they just want to learn for fun! But that’s for THEM to decide.

If you have felt discouraged by yourself, someone else or just in general but you KNOW this is for you, don’t give up. You NEVER know where that next turn in the road is going to take you.

The first set is of DANA and BRANDY! We loved you gals so much 🙂 Talk about shooting at the WORST time of day, but that was the point! We practiced in some REALLY difficult light! 🙂

SB9A4619 SB9A4650 SB9A4645  SB9A4640 SB9A4635 SB9A4630  SB9A4625 SB9A4624 SB9A4654 SB9A4657 SB9A4659 SB9A4661 SB9A4664 SB9A4665 SB9A4668 SB9A4676 SB9A4712

And then we had ERIN, DANIELLE, JENNY & BRIDGETTE!! We first had them in the REALLY bright light and then we moved to open shade, and the boken ended up being incredible! Hellooooo I’m obsessed with my 85mm now! 🙂

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  1. What a beautiful post Amanda. Thank you both for all the love and support! I’m sure all of us can agree that you guys are so awesome for opening yourselves up to share all your knowledge and experience. You guys rock!!!

  2. I love it! I love you guys!! <3 <3 And I love this warm, fun, helpful and most of all encouraging environment you guys foster. I cant wait to sign up for a mentoring session one day in the near future!!! 🙂

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