She’s only 16 months old! I know, a little early to be transitioning? Not for us…this girl is ALWAYS ahead of the curve! We’ve decided our next baby will take their sweet time on EVERYthing because Cammy does everything so-freaking-early!

Sitting up all by herself: 4 months
Crawling full force: 6 months
Walking with a PURPOSE and all on her own? NINE MONTHS.

This child is determined to take on EVERY day and I love it. She never liked the bars on a crib (what little free spirit does?) so we just said eh, let’s go ahead and take the leap and break her crib down. So, we DO have a mesh bumper bar that we need to put on there but in the mean time, we’ve used her Princess couch with a really big fluffy blanket on top as her catch system..which she has fallen into ONCE, and she was fine! Maybe we’re old school, but we know her and she will be fine..she’d rather fall out onto that and be able to get up and walk to us (yes we still have a video monitor on her and will for a while!) than to cry waiting to be picked up outta the crib she feels confined in.

The thing about Camryn is, too, that she wakes up and immediately talks or yells, because she wants to know where we are. This is another reason we felt okay transitioning. Additionally, she is a LIGHT sleeper so we weren’t worried about her rolling off and continuing to sleep while being wedged or stuck between the bed/mattress and her couch. We have everything very safe and lined up to protect her and we are really happy that she is LOVING her big girl bed! 🙂

And yes……………………………we put a tv in her room for now 🙂 It’s ours actually and it’s been SO nice for her, who started WALKING when the weather started to cool down…and has been STUCK INDOORS ALL WINTER, a very long winter…… be able to have ONE additional playroom in this small house and feel a little more free. We have a good reason and method for all we do for her, and she is doing just wonderfully. Watching her grow up is sooo much more rewarding than it is painful like I thought it’d be. You wouldn’t believe how many words she can say and how articulate she is! It’s INCREDIBLE. Full sentences and pronouncing words wonderfully!

And she isn’t even 20 lbs yet. Talk about amazing things coming in small packages 🙂

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  1. SHE IS SO ADORABLE! I’ve so enjoyed all of your posts showing Cammy growing up! My fave picture here is def the first B&W photo. She is a Smithfield Ham, as my Dad still calls me haha 😉 Hope yall are having a great year so far!

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