Paige | Virginia Beach Seniors

This girl (and her family and friends that accompanied us) made for a WONDERFUL Sunday afternoon with the most beautiful weather, light and temperature that I have experienced in SO LONG! Talk about winter funk, I’m so sick of my poor clients freezing their butts off- and Paige’s session was the start of this beautiful thing that’s weeks late called SPRING!!!!!!!

I LOVED working with this girl. She is smart, sweet, pretty, confident and kind. I see where she gets it from after hanging out with her sweet mama that day, someone that I can’t believe I can relate to as much on the mother level considering I have a one year old but there is something connecting me to mothers all the time now that I just adore. We get each other on that “that’s my baby” level and it was a joy to be around all of them. We also had the pleasure of having free entertainment in the form of her boyfriend and their best friend, too– a pair that got me a LOT of genuine smiles out of Paige! 🙂

Thank you all for being a part of this BEAUTIFUL SHOOT! I loved every minute of it. I’m so glad I met this family ❤

PASS Gallery with all images is here!:

paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-4 2013-04-08_015 2013-04-08_016 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-17 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-26 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-37 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-47 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-50 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-54 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-56

2013-04-07_003 2013-04-09_001paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-67 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-74 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-77

paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-81 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-89 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-100 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-104 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-108 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-111


2013-04-09_005paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-117 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-124 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-125 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-126 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-128 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-135

2013-04-09_003paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-141 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-142

2013-04-09_004paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-151 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-153

2013-04-09_002paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-156 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-160 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-166 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-168 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-169 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-171 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-181 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-184 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-187 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-188

2013-04-09_006paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-198 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-201

2013-04-09_008paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-213 paige-virginia-beach-senior-portraits-214



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