She got SO excited. Her favorite word must be “present”– just like her mama, HAHA!

We went shopping around for some family pictures outfits this week and I saw the cutest little camera necklace and of course, got matching ones for us. This morning I saw her smiling at me, being cute, being happy and loving on her babydolls..and I thought YES she totally would eat this up right now! I was getting her dressed and she was being so sweet. I said Cammy, I got you a…..and she filled in the blank: peasant?!! She lit up! She knew šŸ™‚

When I gave it to her you would have thought it was the winning lotto ticket. “A neckeece!!!!!!” And I said YES, baby! A camera necklace! “Kee-ma neckeece?? Okay!!”

OH she deserves it! $2 well spent! <3 <3

Shooting at 10am in a yard with neon green grass– hard but let’s do it anyway! šŸ™‚

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