Facebook breaks. We all need one every now and then, right? I love the amazing connections that I share with clients, friends, family and colleagues over social media. I do. I get to keep up with people who I care about’s lives when as a mom it’s so hard to be able to take the time to do that OUTSIDE of social media. It’s not a phone call that I have to make sure the other party and I’m available for at the same time, with Cammy shouting in the background, etc.

I’ve seen my friends become engaged, married, parents, watched them grow in their businesses, graduate with their degrees, Master’s, etc. It’s such an amazing tool and I am SO grateful for it! It’s amazing for small businesses, too. I love sharing images and links of my clients so that they can share with their friends and family! SO lucky!

But, I find myself lately getting really drained. I am such a believer in positive energy and thoughts and all I see when I sign on half the time is someone complaining. I’m a little diva drama queen deep down but dang! I like to look on the bright side, too! HAHA! I complain too but I like to even make my complaining a little on the chipper side. I guess we’re not all living in a world of sunshine and rainbows but if I have the choice, I’m going try my best to! Life is short and I want my time here to be as amazing as possible with those who matter most.

I love Instagram though, let me tell you. I LOVE pictures. I love keeping up with my favorite photographers there, my friends and their sweet babies, love seeing people’s relationships, businesses and families grow. That is something I will probably keep up with, I LOVE the fact that I can order them online (Printstagram) and have those memories forever without picking up my $3500 camera for every moment.

But all in all– I need to let go of Facebook for a little while unless it’s business posting. I just want to spend SO much more time with the thin slick pages of a magazine in my hands, taking pictures of all kinds of things in life from our house décor to Cammy to anything that inspires me. Things to start the rebranding process we are going through in 2014. I want to start cooking some of the recipes I have bookmarked in the cookbooks my friends Brenda and Donna have given me. I want to just take time to breath sweet fresh air that pours into our kitchen off our back porch from the pretty lake in our backyard. Listening to the wind chimes Cammy picked out from Garden Ridge. With a linen scented candle burned in the kitchen complimenting the fresh laundry rolling around in the dryer that I’ll sit on the couch folding and hanging while watching one of Cammy’s annoyingly cute Nick or Disney shows with her. Painting and coloring with crayons and making CammySwag art that will one day be totally famous.

More time with a little girl’s hand in mine taking me from room to room in the house pretending we’re Doc McStuffins and checking every-single-stuffed-animals heartbeat and ears and putting bandaids on them. More time talking about how we are girlfriends and then playing the kissing on the lips game she made up. I want what our parents had, a disconnect from the tense world of online arguments, opinions, animosity, vicious politics and I want more slides, swings, grass stains and housework. YES- more housework, I love the simplicity of maintaining a household in a world full of moms stuck on the computer all day.

Can I get taken back there and still maintain my business page and business!? You betcha baby! Timed posts, pre-blogging and shooting my heart out. I went to one of my favorite photographers personal page today and looked to see why I never see her posting. She just focuses on her business page and maintains it, stays consistent and is most likely really soaking up and enjoying her life instead of feeling like she is at the beck and call of notifications daily.

I would LOVE to have anyone who ever wants to talk email me. The most I take (unless a fluke occurs) is a week but most are responded to within days. Amandahilbornhedgepeth@hotmail.com I LOVE talking to my friends and clients and colleagues and that will never change! I feel like if I don’t make this decision and post this, I will continue to feel like I am bound by my little red bubble with a white number in it.

I have my husband to thank for this decision, I miss time with him. And Cammy! I want more time with her, too– because I adore her every step, breath and word.

I’m totally going to get on there every now and then see who’s getting married, pregnant, etc and check in on my sweet girls in my Amanda Hedgepeth Q+A group because that is one set of AMAZING women and also our Tara & Amanda Mentoring Group! Not disappearing completely, just taking SOME time away. See ya in my business page and Instagram! <3 <3 <3

Below: some recent images of our home with less clutter, and some images from the beautiful bouquet from Trader Joe’s that is inspiring my new branding for next year! 🙂

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